Women proved sane in court previously was doing drama

Women proved sane in court previously was doing drama


ZIMBABWE – A police officer who threw a tantrum in court after she was declared guilty of assault by a Mbare magistrate owes the court a good explanation, prosecutor Mr Lawrence Gangarahwe has said.

Mr Gangarahwe said this last Thursday when Barbra Chipatiso’s mental examination results proved she was sane.

“The accused owes this court an explanation as to why she acted in such an outrageous manner. Doctors have proven that she is normal and that she was in her right senses when she wailed and created drama in court.

“To top it off, she is a police officer and is well aware of the laws and regulations of court proceedings. She disrupted work as all courts had to take adjournments due to her behaviour,” he said.

In response, Chipatiso apologised to the court for her actions saying she got confused when she was convicted.

“I got confused as I started thinking of the wellfare of my child since there is no one to take care of him when I will be in remand.

“More so, I was having marital problems and everything just came into my mind and I ended up acting in that manner. May the court forgive me for my behaviour. I have also gone for counselling and it has helped me a lot,” she said.

Magistrate Mr Stanford Mambanje had ordered for Chipatiso, who is in custody, to be examined by two doctors after she went balistic in court following her conviction on a charge of assaulting a community service officer at the Mbare Magistrates’ Court.

Chipatiso will be back in court on Wednesday for sentence.

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