Women wants protection from the court as his boyfriend having HIV positive


ZIMBABWE – A Glenview woman revealed before the domestic violence court that she had been affected with HIV by her lover.

Gifford Tazvivigwa did not come up in the open and tell her lover Barbara Tachona that he was positive before infecting her with the killer diseases.

Gifford had approached the Harare civil court seeking for a protection order against Barbara accusing her of physically and emotionally abusing him.

“I receive phone calls from her threatening me, she does not respect me and refuse to take orders from me.

“We have a lot of misunderstandings that end up in fist fighting; she locks me inside our bedroom when I’m supposed to go to work.

“She has also vandalized my property. We are not married but we have been cohabiting for two months now,” he said.

In response, Barbara was against the granting of the order and accused Gifford of infecting her with HIV.

“When he proposed love to me he did not come up in the open that he was HIV positive and he was already on ARVs.

“When I asked him about his status he attacked me arguing that I should not question him.

“Later on we started staying together as husband and wife, but the relationship was not a bed of roses because he would beat me every time we argued.

“At one point I caught him red handed trying to rape our maid, this protection order must not be granted because he should pay damages to my family before I move out,”she said.

The magistrate presiding over the case Ruth Kamangira granted Gifford Tazvivigwa with the protection order and advised Barbara Tachona to seek her own protection order if Gifford was the one who was abusive.


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