Women wants safety from court to her violent husband

Women wants safety from court to her violent husband


ZIMBABWE – A Harare woman yesterday asked the court to grant her a peace order against her violent ex-husband.

Zivakwashe Moyo took her ex-lover Prince Tanganyika to the civil court seeking for a peace order after being physically abused by him.

Zivakwashe told the court that:

“Prince is very aggressive and violent, when I was pregnant he used to beat me up and I almost lost the baby.

“We have took our separate ways but every time he sees he insults me and this usually end up in fist fights. He also threatened to kill me.

“My prayer to the court is that I be granted a peace order so that Prince does not insult or assault me, he should be barred from coming to my house and when he want access to the kids he should send someone else,” she said.

In response, Prince said:

“This is shocking to me because I have never insulted or assaulted her, she is the one who is very violent and I have evidence to prove that.

“At one time she came to my workplace and she started beating me in front of my bosses, I took the matter to the police and when she was called she began beating me in front of the policemen who then opened a case against her.

“I pray your worship that you grant her the peace order because it will be in my favor as well. She cannot however bar me from my kids,” he said.

The magistrate who presided over the matter granted the peace order and ordered the two to maintain peace at all times, she however did not bar Prince from visiting his children because she said he has the right to have access to them.

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