Young boy punished for assaulting police officer

Young boy punished for assaulting police officer


ZIMBABWE – For assaulting a police officer, a 21-year-old waterfalls tout has been slapped with 315 hours of unpaid work.

Victor Lambani pleaded not guilty before he was convicted of disturbing peace office before Mbare magistrate reward Kwenda.

Lambani was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment which were suspended on the condition he performs 315 hours of community service.

The state led by Gerald date proved that on December 22 last year Lambani had been operating as a tout.

A female police officer then approached him, dragged him by his belt and arrested him for touting.

Lambani refused to get arrested and lifted the female police officer by the collar.

The police officer managed to fight him off and called her workmates.

Lambani denied lifting the police officer by the collar and claimed that she had personal grudges and she had been abusing powers vested in her by the authorities to sort them out.

After a full trial Lambani was found guilty.

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