Youths can force Mugabe to quit, says Mliswa

Youths can force Mugabe to quit, says Mliswa


ZIMBABWE – Former Zanu PF provincial chairman Temba Mliswa says he is helping build a vibrant and informed youths community which will peacefully remove the Mugabe regime from power.

Mliswa, who was fired from the ruling party for allegedly backing a claimed coup against President Robert Mugabe, now leads the newly formed Youth Advocacy for Reform and Democracy (YARD).

Announcing his national executive members in Harare Monday, Mliswa said an independent, and organised movement is the only way to unseat the tired Mugabe regime.

Claiming his organisation has more than 20,000 members throughout the country, Mliswa said massive youth mobilisation now will make Zanu PF panic and surrender power.

The question in Zimbabwe has always been who will replace who and it seems that many times we fail to achieve what we want to achieve because we wait for six months before the elections and people start springing up, he said.

Mliswa said his organisation is on the ground, engaging the young people and encouraging them to retire Mugabe using the ballot come 2018.

If you are true to the cause you start now, he said.

You do not have to ambush a system; you do not have to ambush people and there is no point of waiting for election date to be announce. People must know about you.

Mliswa, who says he is a victim of Zanu PF political violence, said he is aware that the Mugabe regime becomes a monster during elections periods.

We are dealing with a system which has been in power since 1980 and you do not require six months to take it out.

They have to see that they are no longer part of Zimbabwe; and, not being part of Zimbabwe, they must be able to surrender and stop being violent – and also the only time when violence comes up is when they panic, said the politician.

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