Youths lobby for Robert Mugabe day

Youths lobby for Robert Mugabe day


ZIMBABWE – Zanu-PF youths will this year observe February 21 as a holiday in support of their proposal to have the date on which President Mugabe was born be declared the Robert Mugabe Day, an official has said.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, attended by a church organisation in support of the declaration of the day, the party’s Youth League secretary Cde Pupurai Togarepi said the youths felt their proposal was taking long to be processed.

He said they had since made the proposal to the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs for consideration and recommendation.

“When we look at President Mugabe, we look at the epitome of sacrifice for Zimbabweans,” said Cde Togarepi. “Being a leader, he is known for being fearless and it is befitting for us to have this day to remember him.

“As youths, we have decided to celebrate the day even if the bureaucracy in Government delays. We will celebrate and even not go to work celebrating all day and this year too is no exception.”

Cde Togarepi applauded the church for supporting the idea of declaring the day a holiday.

“We feel very much exalted that members of the church are supporting us,” he said. “You have touched our hearts by recognising this African icon. People worldwide are surprised why we do not recognise him.

“We need to be sons and daughters of Zimbabwe and not members, so as sons and daughters we feel as Zimbabweans we have to recognise the love our President has for us.”

“There is nothing we can give him, but show him love, and we feel it is the right time and nobody can stop us with your support (church). Those who speak to God know he is the man of God sent to us.”

Leader of Tehilla Christian Network, Reverend Sam Malunga commended the Youth League for their proposal to declare February 21 a holiday.

“I strongly believe as black people we have a right and it’s a privilege for us as a nation to realise the trans-generational leadership of President Robert Mugabe as emphasised by the National Youth League, to say we have an icon, an embodiment of our history and liberation struggle,” he said.

“Even if we are to have another President in this country, these credentials, achievements and status cannot equate to the achievements of President Robert Mugabe. There is need for people of this country to have a day, a memorable day over the history of our President.”

The zanu-pf Youth League will next month hold the annual 21st February Movement celebrations in Masvingo to mark President Mugabe’s birthday.

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