Zanu (PF) abusing justice system to persecute MDC-T activists, Tsvangirai

ZIMBABWE-Tsvangirai made the remarks at the MDC-T’s headquarters in the capital while addressing 21 of the party’s activists who were released on bail in a case in which they are being accused of murdering a police officer in Glen View in May last year.
The 21 activists were granted bail yesterday by High Court Judge, Justice Chinembiri Bhunu who said that the state’s case had “weaknesses and inconsistencies”.As part of the bail conditions the activists, most of whom paid $500, were ordered to report twice a week at Glen View Police Station.
However, five others were denied bail after Bhunu ruled that they were a “flight risk”.

“There has never been a legal case here. It has been mere persecution rather than prosecution. If it was prosecution, what could have taken so long to grant these people bail,” said Tsvangirai.

He said that the selective application of the law in Zimbabwe had led to many MDC-T activists being arrested on trumped up charges.

“In this country we are very unfortunate that there is a deliberate selective application of the law and our supporters are being accused of anything,” said Tsvangirai.

He said his party will continue to fight until justice prevails for the murder suspects. “You are out on bail but you are not yet free. As a party, we shall continue fighting until justice prevails,” he said.

Tsvangirai expressed concern over the filthy conditions in the country’s prisons. “You need to be very strong to stay in those prisons. I was there in 2008 when things were very hard and I saw people dying because they were malnourished,” said Tsvangirai.

Meanwhile, there was jubilation at Harare Remand Prison today following the release of the MDC-T activists. Relatives of the activists could not contain their joy as the alleged murderers walked out from remand prison.

The crowd, led by MDC-T Youth Assembly chairperson, Solomon Madzore burst into song and ululation before heading to Harvest House where they were addressed by Tsvangirai.

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