Zanu-PF divided on sanctions, Mugabe claims

Zanu-PF divided on sanctions, Mugabe claims


ZIMBABWE – Harare – President Robert Mugabe has revealed that his ruling Zanu-PF party is divided on how to respond to sanctions imposed on the southern African country by the West.

Mugabe, 91, told delegates at the party’s just ended conference that they were some within his party who wanted to give in to Western governments’ demands.

The West imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 over concerns about electoral fraud and human rights abuses.

Mugabe claims the sanctions are the major cause for his country’s economic collapse.

“The sanctions have made us tough; some have been crying sanctions, sanctions, we are too hard. Why don’t we accept what the Americans say and what the British say? No, we have our own philosophy, ideology and we believe that our own natural resources are our own,” Mugabe was quoted saying.

Last week, Mugabe publicly acknowledged divisions within the ruling party , saying that they could split the party.

According to local newspaper reports, the party’s division are not based on differences or ideology but rather on personalities.

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