Zanu PF supporter accuses media of disrespecting Mugabe

Zanu PF supporter accuses media of disrespecting Mugabe


ZIMBABWE – Zanu PF supporter Bhekimpilo Mloyi has accused the local media of disrespecting President Robert Mugabe by publishing negative reports about him almost on daily bases.

“As a concerned citizen of this country and a Zanu PF loyalist ,i wish to express dismay at the negative publicity our president His Excellency Cde R.G Mugabe is getting,” Mloyi posted on Facebook.

“The media seems to be maliciously confusing disrespect for the so called ‘freedom of expression’. Having noted the extent of the influence the media has i wish to propose to all members of the backup team to put our heads together and come up with a civil strategy to put an end to this propagandist war the private media has waged against the president ,the government and the revolutionary party.”

Mugabe is on daily bases receiving barrage of accusations from being a detector to that of destroying the country’s economy.

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