Zimbabwe announces typhoid outbreak in Harare

Zimbabwe announces typhoid outbreak in Harare


ZIMBABWE – Zimbabwe has announced several cases of typhoid in the capital Harare, sparking fears of a major outbreak in the city.

The city’s health director, Prosper Chonzi, said six cases of typhoid had been confirmed with more expected to emerge.

“The conditions on the ground, frequent water cuts and poor sanitation, are conducive to a typhoid outbreak,” said the the health official.

The cases, confirmed in the areas of Glen Norah, Hopley and Hatfield, were of concern due to food being prepared in unhygienic conditions in certain parts.

Chonzi, however, called for calm among residents, saying that more than 30 cases of typhoid constitute an outbreak and that measures were being taken to curtail a further spread of the disease.

The announcement is the latest of several outbreaks to hit the capital in recent years.

The Zimbabwean capital witnessed a deadly outbreak in January 2012, with over 900 cases of the disease being reported across several weeks.

Chonzi urged residents to continue basic hygiene practices such as washing hands before meals and treating water at the point of use.

He also appealed to any citizens experiencing diarrhea to seek medical attention early in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

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