Zimbabwe: Civil servants pay dates out


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ZIMBABWE – Government negotiators yesterday met civil servants’ representatives and gave them specific January pay dates, with all set to be paid by the end of the month, and promised to soon give them firm dates when their 2015 bonuses will be paid. Members of the Zimbabwe National Army will get their salaries on January 16, followed by those from the Zimbabwe Republic Police on January 20.

Those in Education will be paid on January 27, while the rest of the civil service will be paid on January 30. Pensioners will be paid on February 5. Civil servants were doubtful if Government would pay them their salaries within the month after shifting the pay dates last month, a move that saw some getting their salaries on Tuesday, five days after the end of the month.

In yesterday’s meeting, the workers insisted they wanted actual dates when bonuses would be paid and a reversal of the 7,5 percent pension contribution being deducted from each worker’s salary monthly.

Government negotiators lined up a number of meetings with the workers this month and said bonuses would be paid at dates to be announced soon after further consultations with the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Service Commission.

Acting Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Saviour Kasukuwere yesterday said the Government would take the issues raised by the workers seriously. “I can confirm the National Joint Negotiating Council, which brings together Government and civil servants’ representatives met today and the report of the meeting will be relayed to the relevant Government arms,” he said.

“Government assures the workers that whatever concern they raised will be addressed or explained to them and we hope there will be continuous engagement between both parties such that the workers will be clear on where we are coming from, where we are and where we are going.”

Zimbabwe Teachers Association president Mr Richard Gundane said while Government had, for the umpteenth time, assured them that bonuses were coming, they needed actual dates to pacify the workers. “Their staggered principle in paying the bonuses will only be understood if there are dates,” he said.

“We also told them that they should give us pay dates for all the coming months and should never repeat the system of paying salaries after Christmas Day. “They should engage a gear of urgency and relay back their position soon and implement what we need. A number of meetings have been lined up to fill up the gaps.”

Mr Gundane said the workers wanted the Government to do away with pension deductions. Government started deducting the pension this month since 2009 when every civil servant was getting $100.

Despite the non-contribution, Government continued paying full pension benefits to workers on termination of employment before the situation became unsustainable as a huge back log of commutations accumulated. “We simply want them to consider the deductions vis-à-vis the levels of income,” said College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe president Mr David Dzatsunga

“The deductions mean Government is progressively and unilaterally eating into the workers’ disposable income. It further takes us away from the poverty datum line salaries we have always clamoured for. It is also clear that Government is living from hand to mouth, but normally all pay dates should be known at the beginning of the year.”

Zimbabwe Rural Teachers Union president Mr Martin Chaburumunda said they wanted “confidence in the system which would only come if Government honoured its pledges like paying the bonuses”. Government is implementing a rationalisation exercise to cut its wage bill by more than $400 million annually by plugging unnecessary expenditure.

As such, student teachers and trainees’ allowances have been reduced from $329 to $157, while salaries paid to teachers at trust and private schools by the Government have been terminated. Government has also abolished all vacant posts and reintroduced bus fare for civil servants while funding of bridging courses has been scrapped.

Civil servants who were abusing various types of leave, tampering with pay sheets and attendance registers have been charged.

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