Zimbabwe donkey thief to spend 9 years behind bars


ZIMBABWE – A Karoi magistrate has sentenced a 33 year old Kariba man to nine years in jail for stealing three donkeys.

Magistrate Mr Robson Finsin slapped Fidelis Kavharo after he pleaded guilty to contravening Section 114 of the Criminal Law (codification and reform) Act Chapter 9:23 stock theft.

Prosecutor Mr Benjamin Negato proved that sometime in July this year Kavharo of Mapindu village under Chief Nebiri went to Dumbare village under Chief Mashame and stole three donkeys belonging to Eneresi Mapinda.

Kavharo who had found the animals grazing without anyone attending to them, later sold them to one Maningwa Murengwa also from the village.

As she struggled looking for the whereabouts of her donkeys, information filtered to Mapinda that her donkeys were in Murengwa’s custody.

When police quizzed Murengwa over Mapinda’s animals, Murengwa implicated Kavharo who was later arrested.
Police recovered all the donkeys valued at US$240.

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