Zimbabwe faces civil war if 92-year-old Mugabe doesn’t wake up, says Biti


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ZIMBABWE – Peoples Democratic Party leader, Tendai Biti, has warned Zimbabweans to brace for a fierce civil war if President Robert Mugabe does not wake up one morning.

Biti, who was addressing his supporters in Masvingo at the weekend, said to avoid the impending strife there is an urgent need for a national transitional authority (NTA) which would take charge of the country’s affairs.

The NTA will be a temporary government that will seek to avoid a war in Zimbabwe, he said.

How will Zimbabwe react when it’s President, who is nearing 92 years, does not wake up one morning?

Biti said factionalism in the ruling party is pointing to chaos in Zimbabwe after Mugabe.

Two factions in Zanu PF are seen to be fighting to succeed the aging leader

Vice President Emerson Mnangagwa heads one of the factions which is fiercely opposed by the G-40 group fronted by higher education minister, Jonathan Moyo, who backs Mugabe’s wife Grace.

There will be chaos in the faction-ridden Zanu PF and Zimbabwe needs a soft landing to avoid a total collapse, said Biti.

He also said the NTA will be responsible for re-aligning laws with the new constitution as well as rebuilding the collapsed economy.

Zimbabwe needs a soft landing to avoid a total collapse, said the former treasury chief.

That is why we are saying there is need for the creation of the NTA which will implement an emergency economic recovery plan, harmonise the country’s laws to the Constitution, restoration of the social contract, ensure that there is peace in the country and that there are conditions for holding free and fair elections.

Biti said Zanu PF has destroyed the country’s economy and should be rejected by the electorate in the next elections.

This once great empire of Munhumutapa is now a laughing stock.

It is now a museum of how not to do things, it is a failure by the Zanu PF government and the failure is getting worse.

Zanu PF and its cabinet ministers are now psychiatrics and that is why in the PDP we are saying another Zimbabwe is possible.

The former Finance Minister also accused Zanu PF of destroying marriages by failing to create employment.

The economy of the country has sunk so low that we are now a country with the highest divorce rate in Africa as families are failing to cope with the economic meltdown.

Domestic violence is on the rise, said Biti

That is the legacy of Robert Mugabe; it is a legacy of self-destruction.

There are three million Zimbabweans who are in South Africa who have run away from Robert Mugabe while millions more are in Botswana, UK and USA.

They do not want to be in those countries but in Zimbabwe but they are there because of the gospel according to Robert Mugabe.

He added: We are now innocent bystanders as we have no control in our country.

We have become desperate people. There is fatalism in the country; we have become orphans.

The PDP front-man said his party remains committed to working with other progressive forces to remove Zanu PF from power.

Zanu PF is playing gods with our lives and we say No; enough is enough. It is time we confront the beast called Zanu PF.

Let us learn to work with others and create a grand coalition. That is why the PDP remains the only party in Zimbabwe that was launched with policies, ARREST and HOPE.

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