Zimbabwe football plunges into crisis as Chiyangwa wins ZIFA Presidency


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ZIMBABWE – HARARE – Businessman Phillip Chiyangwa was on Saturday elected ZIFA president after beating his nearest rival Trevor Carelse Juul by 27 votes.

Chiyangwa got 40 votes, Carelse Juul 13, former ZIFA secretary general Leslie Gwindi 3 and former Warriors kingpin James Takavada only one.

Chiyangwa has replaced deposed Cuthbert Dube, who was ousted by the 58-member ZIFA Council, for failing to properly run football in Zimbabwe.

It remains to be seen what Chiyangwa will do to revive the country’s number one spot. He could not be drawn to comment about reviving Zimbabwean football though he is happy about his new position as per his post on Facebook. “Introducing to you the new ZiFa President, Dr Phillip Chiyangwa! Thank you to my campaign team, my family and all those who supported me! WE MADE IT.”

Losing candidate Carelse Juul posted a message on Facebook soon after the results of the election were announced.

He said, “With great sadness I announce, that we didn’t win what a shocking result. I would like to thank you for all your support and I’m sorry we have not been able to put into play all the things we discussed and implemented what we could have done to bring our beloved football back to its glory days .

“I would like to thank you for your amazing support which has been overwhelming and very special. It appears that the playing field has not been even and it seems that money rules in Zimbabwe football which is very sad. Even though the playing field was not even we did our best and thanks to all the football loving councillors that believed in us and gave us their support.”

He wished the football public all the best and “pray that one day soon our football will be transformed and we will see free and fair elections in Zimbabwe.”

Carelse Juul further said, “We (campaign groups) remain committed to the development of our nation and know that with the talent Zimbabwe has, one day we can become a great footballing nation. I am pleased we stepped up to the call from the people of Zimbabwe and have been prepared to play our part, even if we have not been given the chance to do so. God bless and thanks so much again.”

In the same election, Omega Sibanda got 34 votes while 23 councillors voted for his rival Lincoln Mutasa.

In a message on his Facebook page, Sibanda said, “Thanks to all the Zifa councillors, the football fans and the entire Zimbabwe football community for once again giving me the mandate to serve football as Zifa Vice President. As I promised before, I will fight to resuscitate our game return Zimbabwe to its rightful status as one of the giants of Southern African teams.

“I will thrive to bring transparency, professionalism integrity in our game. Oms is here to serve football and nothing more, your support love will always be appreciated.”

Silent Kamambo, Edzai Kasinauyo, Phillip Mabhena and Philemon Machana were elected board members.

Here is how some Zimbabweans reacted to Chiyangwa’s election to the post of ZIFA president. These messages were sent to us on our WhatsApp number 1 202 465 0318. (Please note that these views were expressed by members of the public and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Voice of America’s Zimbabwe Service)

Some of these losing candidates are clearly not carrying out any postmortem after these defeats…

Zifa elections 2010
Cuthbert Dube won the ZIFA Presidency by 31 to four votes beating Leslie Gwindi.

Zifa Elections 2014
Dube trounced Trevor Carelse Juul by 44 votes to the latter’s 14 during a runoff poll that was declared when none of the four contestants garnered the required two thirds majority to be confirmed outright winner.

The first round of the ZIFA elections, saw Dube garner 34 votes, while former ZIFA boss Juul got 14, Harare City Chairman Lesley Gwindi got 10 with outgoing ZIFA board member, Nigel Munyati, failing to get a single vote.

Zifa Elections 2015
Phillip Chiyangwa 40
Travor Carelse Juul 13
Lesley Gwindi 2
James Takavada 1

Mapungwana Landelani
Sad moment for zim soccer . Another leg behind

Chamunorwa Mapungwana
Cry my beloved country

Lawrence Chitiyo
Wat a shameful election full of vote buying

Kennedy Mangwiro

Chamunorwa Chihwahwa
Vote buying

Thax .but the election was total unfair.

Thnx e real team …u a e stars ..

Pastor Pandera
Shameful to Zimbabwean football, its embarrasing to us soccer loving fans. This is another Dube error again.

Michael Musonza
Our soccer won’t progress these people we call councellers are the once destroying the beautiful game in Zimbabwe. How can put politicians to Administer soccer I’m much worried

Michael Kamusasa
umm Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

Mandaza 42
I dnt think its worth celebrating or congratulating. Ths is the dawn of a new era, the genesis of more prblms to come. Ths is the final nail on the Zifa coffin. Phil knows nothing abt football. A person who doesnt know what FIFA and CAF means. Its very sad tht he used his thick pocket to manipulate and influence the poll result. Shame

Chipepo Tawanda
So sad for Zim football and that explains how unfocused Zifa councillors are. A bunch of stupid losers. What does Chiyangwa know about football?? So pathetic indeed!!

Trymore Mashire
Chiyangwa was not a proper candidate for zifa presidency

Daniel Muzenda
In Zimbabwe anything is possible Dr Amai can be the next state president come 2018. Chiyangwa has no exprience whatsoever when it comes to football matters. Unfortunately the decision is made by Zifa councillors for millons of soccer loving Fans.

Motshotsho S
lets hope he will sharp Zimbabwe football Association.l wish him good leadership. lets hope he will not mix Zifa with politics.

Corruption $power.

Michael Mpofu
Kkkkk politics and football mmmm miraitione . Pane akambobva asina kudzingwa here pazifa apo. Anywhere let’s give him benefit of dought

Kudzai Kagande
Omg!!! Chiyangwa??? Lol

Tapera Manyere
Its a sad development for our beautiful game. I no longer have trust for the councillors who looked like fair minded people until they proved it to me that they are gud for nothing – electing a nonentity to such a powerful post.

Crittal hope sink,GD shoes had a norse dive to death now Zifa.lets wait and see

Tonderai 8
It was obvious that Chiyangwa was gong to win the post zifa and ZANU pf doesn’t differ,let’s wait and see what he can deliver but Leo was zifa,s chairman but without any football history like my brother Chiyangwa let us see,his excellence, but I don’t believe as for me it is from frying pan to the hot fire now

Walter Mabutho
Lets hope he will lead by example

Eish,our game is in trouble.these politicians should leave our beloved game alone.

Njabulo Moyo
The fall of zifa

Taurai Nyika
Thus bad news for Zim Soccer!Remember what Leo did.Zvakaoma!

Taurai Alex
Zim politics the why our football dnt go far

Winfred Ngwenya
Now Zim football under politics

Milton Chekuda
Congratulations to Comrade Phillip Chiyangwa. Is this the downfall or rise of Soccer in Zimbabwe since he is a Zanu (pf) cadre.

Mkanga Fedson

Chiyangwa bribed the councilors. This is another Cashbert Dube.

Edmore Mutengo
i understand it was not influenced like what Dube has did,if it was a clear win,i wish him all the best.

Maxwell Musatiyira
Aaaaaa hey!

Ooh dear….football is dead.

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