‘Zimbabwe has no crisis’ – Mnangagwa tells POLAD

‘Zimbabwe has no crisis’ – Mnangagwa tells POLAD

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa has told a group of political leaders meeting under the Political Actors Dialogue banner that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe.

He said this during one of the meetings held recently despite the growing pressure from within and outside the country demanding that an immediate solution be found to the deepening crisis in the country.

This was also confirmed through tweets by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Nick Mangwana.

Nick Mngwana’s tweet quoting the president that there is no crisis in the country

Zimbabwe is faced with a deepening socio-economic and political crisis which has caught the attention of both regional and international organisations.

Nick MMangwana’ tweet claiming the arrest of some people was because they were inciting people to gather against set rules

The crisis is multifaceted including human rights violations and a sinking economy among other issues.

Ramaphosa recently admitted that the crisis was spilling into the South African borders and there was need for urgent attention to the matter.

He also stated that both SA government and ANC had agreed to send delagations to Zimbabwe to meet all the stakeholders in a bid to ascertain the problems facing the country.

The MDC-Alliance has refused to be part of the grouping citing that it is not a genuine platform to resolve the country’s legitimacy crisis, among many others crises bedevilling the country.

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