Zimbabwe: Heavy rains to ease

Zimbabwe: Heavy rains to ease


ZIMBABWE – The rainfall that has been falling in various parts of the country in the last few days is expected to ease next week and give way to high temperatures in some areas, the Meteorological Services Department (MSD) has said.

In a statement, the MSD said little rainfall was expected in the extreme south eastern parts of the country, especially in the southern areas of Masvingo.

“Little rainfall is forecast for the whole country from the 11th to the 18th February,” it said in the statement.

MSD said temperatures should continue being uncomfortably high (above 30°C) throughout the week.

“Due to the extreme nature of the weather systems this season, the rains are usually accompanied by strong winds, hail and lightning,” said the MSD. “Rain bearing systems are not properly organised. Accordingly, any heavy falls will be localised.”

Government recently declared 2015/6 agricultural season a disaster due to the dire effects of the El Nino weather patterns that have seen the country receiving normal to below normal rainfall.

Last season, Zimbabwe received normal to above normal rainfall, which was not evenly distributed, resulting in the country failing to attain best crop production.

Changes in temperature due to global warming have caused extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods and cyclones, which have affected many people around the world.

Zimbabwe’s peak rainfall period usually occur during the months between October and January, but that has since changed due to increased variability, and farmers have to contend with the little they will harvest from a poor season.

Livestock has also been severely affected by the drought, as water sources dry-up and grazing pastures disappear.

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