Zimbabwe Imposes Restrictions On Movement Of Dead Bodies For Burial


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HARARE – In another effort to arrest the spiralling Covid-19 infections, the Health Ministry has moved to ban the movement of dead bodies from place to place.

Burials will now be allowed to take place within the city where the deceased would have died and bodies will only be cleared to move from the funeral parlour or mortuary to the burial site, according to the police spokesperson Paul Nyathi.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police advises the public that the Ministry of Health and Child Care has informed the police of immediate restrictions imposed on the movement of dead bodies for burial in the country.

“According to health officials, a body will now be buried in the town or city where the death would have taken place. This is being done in order to curtail the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In this regard, the police will only clear body movements for burial straight from a funeral parlour or hospital mortuary to the burial site. No body viewing will be allowed. Bodies will not be taken home,” said Nyathi.

Nyathi also cautioned citizens to keep distance when the body is being lowered into the grave.

He also said police authorities had already been advised to ensure compliance with the new directives.

“The public is implored to keep a distance as the body is lowered into the grave by either city health or funeral parlour officials. The gravesite will be disinfected before burial.

“Police commanders in all provinces have been advised to ensure that the government’s directive is complied with. The public is accordingly informed of this important message,” he added.

Government recently reintroduced level four lockdown as the country battles the second wave of the pandemic.

As part of the restrictions set, funerals are to have a gathering of not more than 30 people.

The country has now recorded 21477 cases and 507 deaths as of Sunday 10 January 2021.

Recoveries stand at 12582.

Authorities have continued to urge citizens to adhere to the set regulations.

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