Zimbabwe: Impossible for Mugabe to Win 2013 Elections


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Published: July 22, 2013


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Zimbabwe is a land on which amazing things happen every day. Most of those things come from ZANU(PF) to say the least and some have come about because they want to win an election. Why they want to win boggles the mind. They have been in power for thirty three years and the only movement the nation has made is to slide backwards by several decades. At independence, the economy was better than that of Portugal but now we are in the bottom ten poorest nations. Before independence, we had clean, well-chlorinated germ free water courtesy of Ian Smith, now we have dirty, untreated and germ- infested water courtesy of Robert Mugabe.

Before independence, houses were constructed by the whites and our parents just moved in but now the Mugabe Regime has failed to provide even unserviced stands so we can construct our own homes. In fact, some of his lieutanants like Energy Mutodi and Aeneas Chigwedere have actually swindled home seekers of thousands of dollars and he has not even bated an eye.

He has not even come to the aid of these people. But who can beat the promise of Robert Mugabe to civil servants:”…we are going to treat you well after the elections which we are going to win resoundingly.” I have no problem with such sweet promises. I only have problems with history. The white minority regime ensured the civil servants were well-remunerated. Robert Mugabe’s house in Old Highfield is a living testimony to that fact. During his short-lived stint as Premier of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Abel Muzorewa increased the salaries of civil servants, including teachers significantly, and for the first time they bought new cars and houses in low density areas like Greendale, Avondale and Hatfield.

But unfortunately, the Mugabe Regime has made the teacher worse off by systematically impoverishing him over the years. As early as 1989, teachers were already singing “Dzingai, Dzingai Mutumbuka!” a word-play on the then Minister of Education which meant “Expel, expel Mutumbuka!” From 2000, the Robert Mugabe regime committed horrendous acts against teachers including tortures some of which have led to deaths. From that year, a well-calculated move was made which ensured that teachers were impoverished and between 2006 and 2008, his regime ensured that the salary of civil servants was less than R100 or $10 per month.

Many fled to the diaspora. Now what has changed? Has Robert Mugabe, like Paul on the road to Damascus, had a life-changing encounter with Christ? Or is it the election around the corner? If a younger Robert Mugabe failed to deliver at 56 (his age at independence), how can an older 89 year old now do it? Has he turned into an abragadabra of the “Hey Presto” fame or has he become a Christian of incredible faith? These are not mere rhetorical questions but real questions needing real answers. I don’t know how the generality of civil servants are going to take this ‘good news’ but some obviously are incredulous. In Shona we have a proverb which goes,’Rinonyenga rinohwarara rozosimudza musoro rawana’ literally meaning ‘a suitor hides his true colours’, thus, he is generally deceptive. Anyone who believes this either has a very short memory or needs urgent psychiatric attention.herbertmugwagwa412x232

In Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, Shylock is asked whether he could take his daughter Jesicca back after she had stolen 3000 ducats from him and he says poignant words with lessons for us now:”What? Can’st thou have a serpent sting thee twice?” The President talked about social nets like BEAM the Basic Education Assistant Module that helps those who can’t afford to pay fees that they will be increased and l fear this. Is it a way of saying he will make more people poor and hence more children will need help. Why can’t he simply allow investments to create employment so more parents can work and afford to pay fees for their children?

Why incapacitate the people to look after themselves and then throw in doles or carrots to them as if you really care? If you do, give me an opportunity to make it. Don’t make it for me, no, just unchain me, just set me free. If l want to do something to benefit myself or the nation, why should l be asked for a party card or where l come from? But then Robert Mugabe is a men of many tricks. Last week he took advantage of an apostolic sect annual religious gathering in Marange to campaign for himself to avoid the ‘Bhora Musango’ hat-trick in which party candidates decampaign him and campaign for themselves.

Now reChristened Madzibaba Gabriel, he reduced chipostori and himself to all-time low levels by putting on religious regalia meant for strict sect adherents and not fly-by-night rolling stones. Thus, he has become the brunt of jokes on the social web like:’Yanetsa sei MDC yapfekedza Mugabe garment?’ loosely translated ‘MDC must have really made life difficult for Mugabe because it has made him to sup with a sect.’ Mugabe can not win because these people are independent thinkers.


Herbert Mugwagwa

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22 Comments on “Zimbabwe: Impossible for Mugabe to Win 2013 Elections”

  1. Hon Kurirakwejongwe. on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 10:38 am 

    Once again Mgwagwa u will wakeup from yo sleep on 5 August afta listening to ZEC announcing HE as the President 4 the nxt 5yrs.

  2. Cde Facts on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 10:44 am 

    Hon Kurira chimbovhiya huku.

  3. La Liga on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 11:02 am 

    Thank Herbert for saying facts about the hat trick own goals bandits. The bandits have nothing offer to Zimbabwe.

  4. joyce on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 11:07 am 

    Indeed Herbert,zanu pf will never and will not win these elections come 31 July.

    MDC T will win by 85%.

  5. RED MAMBA on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 12:08 pm 

    VaMugwagwa the past 5 years we had a GNU with the MDC in charge of some ministries and all the big local govts(Harare,Byo,Mutare and others) what did they achieve? You mean to say Rhodesia had an economy better than Portugal in 1980 thats an insult to the Portugese. Morgan’s rich(gay) friends will pour their money on conditions dont worry.

  6. Greyhora on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 12:39 pm 

    Thanks Herbet, enlightening as usual! I don’t know what anyone would expect from an 89-year-old who’s been there for 33 years and has been promising the same thing over and over again since 1980, and yet has failed to deliver! Why would he suddenly deliver at 89 when he failed at 56?

  7. O’Sibanda on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 1:02 pm 

    If wishes were horses Zanu pf would ride them. Winning a Zimbabwean Election is a far fetched fact for Zanu PF. The mere fact that Zanu wants to monopolize everything including media will be the down fall of Zanu PF.

  8. Mai Joza on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 1:29 pm 

    Mgwagwa you have done my day great and wndipedza by this ‘Now reChristened Madzibaba Gabriel, he reduced chipostori and himself to all-time low levels by putting on religious regalia meant for strict sect adherents and not fly-by-night rolling stones. Thus, he has become the brunt of jokes on the social web like:’Yanetsa sei MDC yapfekedza Mugabe garment?’ loosely translated ‘MDC must have really made life difficult for Mugabe because it has made him to sup with a sect.’ Mugabe can not win because these people are independent thinkers.

  9. Mai Joza on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 1:31 pm 

    Madzibaba Ndumiso and Madzibaba Miki you what your boss is doing.

  10. CHANDO KUPISA on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 1:57 pm 

    In 1980 Herbert you were probably still in your father’s balls because you knowledge of ZANU government housing policy is atrocious.In Harare we had townships like Kuwadzana, Budiriro,Glenview in Bulawayo Makandeni,Nkulumane,Nketa, Cowdry Park in Gweru, Senga and Mkoba built by the GVT.The GVT went to the extent of forming building brigades under the supervision of the late Cde Eddison Zvobgo when he was still minister of local GVT. Now you tell us any one good thing which was done by MDC ministries in the past five years.In local GVT MDC has been in control of all the big cities for the past ten years and again tell us any one good thing your councillors have done, cholera became order of the day,refuse uncollected,cities running dry yet water is in abundancy.Your minister of water Sipepa Nkomo could not even supervise completion of a mere 30km stretch of Mtshabezi dam pipeline. Idiot,bhora mughedi gore rino.

  11. KUDA on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 2:26 pm 

    i am support of what chandokupisa is saying.MDC will never win. Mugabe will win coz we got his back and for the past 33 years he hes been brave to stand by our country and the westerners know that they can not pa pet Mugabe becoz of his intelligence that’s way they are using Tsvangira to get their hands on this country. only those who dont have the ability to reason are in support of the Makoni MDC

  12. La Liga on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 3:08 pm 

    Madzibaba Mugabe!:-(

  13. Mukorekore on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 3:50 pm 

    Its impossible for him to win but its possible for him to steal it.

  14. Mukorekore on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 3:54 pm 

    Musanyeperwe nana Chando kupisa , maprojects ana Glen View ,Budiriro anga atotangwa naMuzorewa kudhara. Sithole ndiye akazotoita rudo paChuru farm. Kupa vanhu land, Mugabe ndokuita jerasi.

  15. JZ on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 4:14 pm 

    Mugwagwa, If you think a leader can build a house for you and give you a job as freebies you don’t know the duty of government and you are oblivious to your responsibilities as a citizen.

    If a government promises to do that which you should be doing by yourself such a government might as well come and cater to your wife while you are writing these hyped articles.

  16. Ndumiso on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 4:19 pm 

    Wena Mai Jozasifebe, don’t call me Madzibaba, uyezwa sifetshana? ungazonginyanyisa wena yengandoda.

  17. Fatso on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 4:53 pm 

    Not this time around.Zanu PF wil not win the election

  18. Dnever on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 6:10 pm 

    ten facts to be a Zanu-Pf supporter are:very short memory.Arrogant and abusive.Corrupt.Dictatorious.unannaliti,poor reasoning.Evil hearted and dangerouse.Criminal and destructive.being a vandalizor.

  19. Dnever on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 6:18 pm 

    Ten points to be an MDC-T supporter are :Construcitve:Democratic both physical+ in mind.Love and forgiveness.Analitic and bright to facts.Castodian.Revolutionarism.nation hearted.Peace loving and tranquility.Intergrity and Good socialy minded.Industriouse ideology and Sympathetic amid forgiveness

  20. Dnever on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 6:25 pm 

    Mugabe behaves as if he will never die,as if Zimbabwe is his.Look now you threaning to leave sadc,You are so crazy to think that everybody must have to agree with you your stupid dirty mind mind that iz like a bush toilet,where goes and enter without knocking.what makes me happy is the fact that on top of those massacres thta you created in Bulawayo one day you are to die,just like those people you burnt.

  21. Bla Miki on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 6:37 pm 

    Well said Cde Chando and many thanks for that. Indeed listerning to Mugwagay’s article, my heart has been left bleeding. For how could this Mugwagodzva easily forget the “Boy’s khayas” where only the gardener or cook at that particular “Yard” was allowed to live without their spouses, children or relatives? How could the idiot write in praise of the Rhodesian housing scheme when the rest of the people where chased away to go to their Tribal Trust Lands after an “inspection” carried periodically to flash out terrorists? Yes, how could you see the unemployment rate then when all “lofers” were being arrested and either sent back to the TTLs or go kumagobo as punishment? You write with your gay lubricated arse Hebertgay, you don’t use your brains but luckily, Zimbabweans are going to use brains to vote. Ma.nyoka amayi vako mwana wegava

  22. La Liga on Mon, 22nd Jul 2013 8:07 pm 

    Madzibaba hat trick own goals bandits wait and see.

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  1. Bhora Mugedhi means OWN GOAL into ZPF goal! Endai mundo tore zvavanokupai kurally kwake. Pakuvhota, vhoterai kwete ava vakatibira mari maquintillions.


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