Zimbabwe politician wants $72M for being called gay

Zimbabwe politician wants $72M for being called gay


ZIMBABWE – A Zimbabwe politician is suing an entrepreneur for calling him gay and asking for $72 million in compensation. Freedom of speech? Not so much.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena is claiming he was defamed by entrepreneur Philip Chiyangwa, who spoke out against the lawmaker for his lack of support for Lady Grace Mugabe.

According to Gay Star News:

In a video posted on Facebook, Chiyangwa is seen at a rally with two others as they talk about the MP and his support of First Lady Grace Mugabe. President Robert Mugabe’s wife has been accused of a ‘bedroom coup’, using the powers given to her to become the second most powerful person in Zimbabwe after her husband.

Chiyangwa is seen discussing why Wadyajena has suddenly stopped supporting Lady Grace Mugabe, suggesting it is because he is ‘gay’ and ‘insane’.

Wadyajena is the MP for Zanu-PF, an area that has seen increasing tension between supporters of Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, according to NewsdzeZimbabwe.

He has demanded an apology as well as $72 million (US$200,000, €175,000), Gay Star News Reported.

Chiyangwa, for his part, has dismissed Wadyajena’s claims.

The entrepreneur is an avid supporter of Lady Grace Mugabe and has even said she should be Zimbabwe’s next president.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has gone on record for his anti-gay views.

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