Uneducated councillors to be kicked out?


Zmbabwe-UNEDUCATED councillors face the exit following a proposal by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo to set minimum educational qualifications to improve service delivery.

Chombo said he had observed with disdain that the root cause of errant behaviour by councillors was their inability to fully appreciate their mandate and authority due to limited education.

“As we move forward, it is our view that there is merit in introducing some minimum educational qualifications for councillors with the view of enhancing their craft literacy and competence,” Chombo said yesterday while addressing journalists in Harare.

“There were some few cases of indiscipline among councillors, predominantly in urban local authorities and these were dealt with accordingly. It is my observation that the root cause of errant behaviour among councillors is failure by some to fully appreciate their mandate and authority.”

Chombo has been accused by the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T for crippling operations by arbitrarily firing most of the councillors and mayors in the MDC-T-led local authorities.

“With respect to performance of 2012 local authority budgets, we noted with concern that most budgets performed at levels below 50% due to various reasons. Consequently, the majority of councils could not achieve what they had set out to do during the year. This issue requires serious attention as we move into 2013,” said Chombo.

However, Chombo said he was pleased most local authorities had submitted their budgets for 2013 and hoped the few that had not would do so before year end.

“With respect to corporate governance, it was pleasing to note that the majority of local authorities have managed their affairs as provided in the relevant statutes,” he said.

Chombo praised most local councils for embarking on re-equipping drives that saw them buy refuse trucks, improve road maintenance, solid waste management and water supply – Newsday.


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