Zimbabwe: Xi Jinping inspects wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: Xi Jinping inspects wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe


ZIMBABWE – On December 2 local time, President Xi Jinping, accompanied by Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry of Zimbabwe, inspected a wildlife sanctuary in Zimbabwe.

Accompanied by the principals of the sanctuary, Xi Jinping and his wife Mme. Peng Liyuan visited the elephants, lions, pangolins, giraffes, gnus and other wild animals in the sanctuary, and fed the elephants and giraffes with fruits and leaves.

After a detailed inquiry about the construction of the sanctuary as well as the living habits, rescue and the growth of the animals, Xi Jinping pointed out that wildlife is an important part of all the living things and the natural ecological system on the earth, whose living conditions are closely linked to the sustainable development of human beings. Zimbabwe is blessed with abundant natural resources, and for a long time the Zimbabwean government and people have made unremitting endeavors in the area of wildlife protection.

Xi Jinping emphasized that China pays great attention to the cause of wildlife protection and has made remarkable achievements by strengthening habitat protection and rescue and breeding work of wildlife and cracking down on illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife products such as ivory. With China’s enhanced efforts in publicity and education as well as the active participation of non-governmental organizations, the mass base of China’s wildlife protection cause is constantly expanding. At the same time, China earnestly fulfills its international obligations of wildlife protection and actively participates in the international cooperation in wildlife protection.

Xi Jinping pointed out that wildlife protection is one of the key cooperation areas between China and Zimbabwe. The Chinese side will continue to help the Zimbabwean side enhance its capability in wildlife protection through material assistance, experience exchanges and other means.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and others were present.

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