Zimbabwe’s long wait for rain ends in tragedy

Zimbabwe’s long wait for rain ends in tragedy


ZIMBABWE – Johannesburg – Zimbabwe’s long wait for rain has come to an end with the start of the rainy season, but like in South Africa – it’s came at price.

It’s being reported that three children have died during a severe hailstorm that hit the south of that country.

The Chronicle Newspaper is reporting that the storm hit the Bulilima District in southern Zimbabwe on Monday afternoon, just as children from Sevako Primary School were heading home.

Many pupils hid in a bush when large hailstones began raining down, and were only rescued by villagers that night.

Tragically, two six-year-old girls were found dead.

A boy at another school in the district drowned when he fell into a flooded pit latrine.

South Africa is on high alert for hail this evening, following storms this week in which thousands of homes were damaged.

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