Zimbabwe’s Mr Ugly must also be ‘creative and stylish’ – organiser

Zimbabwe’s Mr Ugly must also be ‘creative and stylish’ – organiser


ZIMBABWE – If you want to be Mr Ugly, it’s not enough to be plain ugly; you’ve got to be “creative and stylish” too.


The organiser of Zimbabwe’s “beauty” pageant with a difference has defended the judges’ decision not to award the coveted title to defending champion, William Masvinu, saying the two-time winner behaved as if he had already won, the official Chronicle reported.

“He never excelled,” the Chronicle quoted organiser, David Machowa, as saying.

The judges of Zimbabwe’s Mr Ugly competition were looking for someone “creative and stylish” – and Masvinu just didn’t make the cut.

He was ousted by the gap-toothed Maison Sere, who grimaced, pulled faces at the judges – one of whom was a university student – and apparently put in much more effort.

Mr Ugly to go global?

Masvinu has said he feels “robbed”.

Machowa told Newsday on Thursday he intended making Mr Ugly a global competition.

“I am planning to host Mr Ugly Africa, Mr Ugly Europe, Mr Ugly America and Mr Ugly Asia in preparations of Mr Ugly World to be staged in Zimbabwe in 2017,” he said.

The pageant has sparked interest from far beyond Zimbabwe’s borders. But some Zimbabweans feel it is “demeaning” and not the kind of publicity Zimbabwe needs.

Newsday said in an editorial on Wednesday that there were other things to celebrate about Zimbabwe, and pointed out that the contestants were mainly those desperate for money.

“The publicity it generates is not complimentary for the country,” the paper said.

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