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Former Ghanian President commends Tsvangirai

Former Ghanian President commends Tsvangirai

Jerry Rawlings and wife Nana Konadu

Published: 24 February 2013

GHANA – Former President Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings has commended the Zimbabwean Prime Minister Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai for working towards a peaceful political climate in Zimbabwe.

In a meeting with the former President, Prime Minister Tsvangirai stated that the political and economic situation in Zimbabwe has improved since the establishment of a unity government following disputed elections in 2008.

The two held a meeting in Seoul, South Korea where both leaders are attending the World Peace Summit of the United Peace Federation.

The Summit is being held under the theme, “Peace, Security and Development”.

The Zimbabwean Prime Minister said relations with President Mugabe had improved and there was civil discourse between the two.

Mr. Tsvangirai said even though there was significant political and economic improvement in Zimbabwe, the international media was only keen on reporting the negative news about his country.

He said the economy had grown 9% over the past two years, an indication that his country is moving positively.

The Prime Minister also said he did not foresee any trouble as Zimbabwe moves towards a new election later this year.

President Rawlings also described the 2012 elections in Ghana as peaceful and without coercive machinery. He said politicians should be able to engage in constructive criticism so Africa could make progress politically.

By: Citifmonline.com/Ghana

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By Njabulo
In all countries in the world war heroes are highly respected. They are respected by even the opposition parties .This should be the case in Zimbabwe and in South Africa .A good example were this is happening is USA .Any person who sacrificed their life for a good cause like the war veterans is /are highly respected .More so ,they should get more incentives from various companies ,institutions or any organizations. For example ,be exempted from paying for medication. Other subsidization ,can be in transport or in properties such as houses.[war vets to always carry authentic war vets identity cards]. It is bad to see anyone who made such a sacrifice not having a decent accommodation. The war veterans can also be exempted from paying school fees for their children. There should also be a medical team set up to provide counselling .A free medical scheme should be set up for them that can even allow them to go for treatment even abroad. Some may have suffered serious injuries during the course of the war. There should also be schemes set up to raise monies for the heroes such as those set up in Europe. The public also need to be made conscious of the sacrifices these people made for them.It is the mind of the public that the government need to deal with. Some people have a wrong perception about war veterans .This is because they believe that they belong to a certain political part. This is totally wrong. The war veterans belong to Zimbabwe or in South Africa to South Africa. They are like a national football team of any country. Even if any government takes over say after thirty years or so ,that particular government will continue to help the war veterans. This is only but a bit that i have written here. A lot can be done for them .For example ,money can be solicited for them through charities. A national account can be set up by the government for 'HELP FOR HEROES' .The public can then deposit money in that account at their own will. A lot of people can help. The youth can collect donations from the public .The proceeds collected can then be deposited to the account of the war veterans. This is food for thought.
By Njabulo

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