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I will not concede defeat – Chamisa

I will not concede defeat – Chamisa

Published: 5 November 2014

HARARE – MR Nelson Chamisa, who got a shock of his life when he lost to Mr Douglas Mwonzora in the contest for the MDC-T secretary-general post, today said he will not concede defeat and urged his supporters to wait for an “exciting move” he will announce soon.

Speculation has been rife since Mr Chamisa, who was organising secretary, was humiliated by former party secretary for information and publicity Mr Douglas Mwonzora, who had 2 464 to his 1 756, that he intends to breakaway from the MDC-T either to form his own party or to join the MDC Renewal Team led by Mr Tendai Biti.

Other party heavyweights who fell by the wayside at the congress were acting secretary-general Dr Tapiwa Mashakada, deputy organising secretary Mr Amos Chibaya and long-serving member Mr Gift Chimanikire.

In an interview after registering as a lawyer at the High Court yesterday, Mr Chamisa said he will be announcing his next move which he promised will be “exciting” in due course. “I did not lose the elections,” he said. “A lot of things happened, but for me it’s a lesson, it’s a lesson in the leadership journey. I take it as a good lesson. I learnt a lot, I can only be better.” Mr Chamisa said he was now planning the future following his drubbing.

“I have many moves, not just one,” he said, responding to a question on what moves he was considering after his defeat.
“Those moves are available for me, just watch the space for details, you will be excited. Well, I don’t have to pre-empt and kill your appetite too soon.”

Mr Chamisa said reports that he was being lured to join the Renewal Team were just speculation following the outcome of the elections he lost. “Those are just reports, speculation, nothing in the substantive, nothing concrete, if anything they know where I stand and what I believe in.”

When pressed to comment on the conduct of the elections, Mr Chamisa said he could not talk about something that “has come and gone. I am a forward-looking young man,” he said. “I believe in the future. Each time I need to reflect, I reflect on the future rather than in the past,” he said. “The past is gone, it is history, it does not add anything to what we are trying to build, I am focusing on the future and the future is exciting.

“I want to thank all the people who are supporting me across the length and breadth of the country. I have a lot of support which I really appreciate and it’s quite overwhelming and I want to say to the people who support me you will not be let down and you will not be forsaken.”

Mr Chamisa was one of MDC-T leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s top lieutenants until the day of the elections. It’s widely believed that the MDC-T leader was not comfortable with his leadership ambitions. Mr Chamisa was yesterday admitted as a lawyer before Justice Lavender Makoni, along with Deputy Chief Justice Luke Malaba’s daughter Chawapiwa, Nyasha Marufu, Edwick Murungu and Prayer Mazhata.

“I am very excited that yet another door is opening,” said Mr Chamisa. “The door to contribute to the justice system, a door that I become a player and actor in the rule of law. That for me is very exciting. I have spent four years at law school and now it is time for me to practice and do my best for my country,” he said.

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