Tuesday, 7th April 2020
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Lorcadia scuttles Tsvangirai’s wedding for sex

Lorcadia scuttles Tsvangirai’s wedding for sex

PM Morgan Tsvangirai with fiance Elizabeth Macheka

Published: 8 September 2012

ZIMBABWE – LOCADIA Karimatsenga says she cannot allow Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai to wed his fiancee Elizabeth Macheka because she won’t be able to have sex with him.

Her High Court application seeking an interdict to stop the planned Sept. 15 wedding at the RainTree Gardens says the wedding will be prejudicial to her as it will take away her conjugal rights with her husband.

Justice Antonio Guvava will hear the case in his chambers on Tuesday at 14:30 hrs. The 1st respondent is Tsvangirai, who she says is her husband, with Macheka, cited as the second wife proposing to marry her husband under the Marriages Act Chapter 5:11.

If this happens, she won’t be able make love to her hubby, she argues, and wants the High Court to stop the wedding.

Bishop Kadenge, of the Bishop of the Methodist Church, who was going to solemnise the wedding is cited as the third respondent in the suit.

The 4th respondent is the Registrar General and custodian of marriage registry documents, Tobaiwa Mudede, who is cited in his official capacity. Mudede is responsible for issuing the marriage certificate and registering it. He is capable of withdrawing the marriage and preventing the the bishop from issuing out the marriage certificate.

The central basis of Karimatsenga seeking an interdict against the two lovebirds centres around sex.
“If my husband marries the 2nd respondent next week, by operation of law, I will cease to be his wife. This is the advise I have received from my lawyer, Mr Jonathan Samukange,” Karimatsenga says in her application.

“I will not be entitled to any of the privileges and rights that I have been entitled to as a spouse, such as conjugal rights, love, affection and companionship.

“The marriage I have contracted with my husband in terms of African Customary Law and Tradition is potentially polygamous and this is the reason why when he married the 2nd Respondent I did not complain or protest. If my husband married the 2nd Respondent it mean I can no longer have sexual intercourse with him as this would mean if I were to do so I would be committing adultery.”

Posted by: Rombe

Love is in the air

Posted by: Man_Gundarukwa

Total seige on Tsvangirai, Since this guy became Prime Minister he has suffered some of the worst publicity in Zimbabwe.

Posted by: Allan

Such idiotic nonsense

Posted by: Ntombiyezulu

Its sad, th Shona culture allows women to force themsevs on men and get away wth it . So pathetic!

Posted by: Ndaba Nhuku

He asked for it. Impregnating a twenty something girl. Paying lobola for two wmen. Handina he was thrown into leadership position by Sibanda agara aine barika here. Recall kedu Bob kachimuti 'usafurirwe nevakadzi vako vachiti wakanaka unogona kuita President' MT lost it..blame Sibanda for allowing this.

Posted by: letwin

Where's ur pride Ms Locadia……………………..

Posted by: Ruguru Mazai edatya

Money and women you cant seperate the two….. Tsvangi you are an urgly mother fucker these bitches want money from you

Posted by: Lady Gaga

Lorcadia please grow up!

Posted by: derek ndarama

kushata chete asi mari ndinayo haterz

Posted by: mandawa

imbwa yemunhu—Locadia

Posted by: Albert

Locadia uri m***a.Siyana na Morgan ne mukadzi wake chaiye.imbwa yemunhu

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