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Love Rat Elikem cheats on Pokello & Impregnates Theresa Boateng

Love Rat Elikem cheats on Pokello & Impregnates Theresa Boateng

Published: 18 March 2014

Theresa herself has been very candid about her relationship with Elikem. She confirmed to Showbiz over the phone that she and Elikem were dating and she would soon return to Germany where she lives. She dropped a surprise hint that she was pregnant for Elikem.

“I am two weeks pregnant for Elikem. We fell in love the very first day I met him at the launch of my clothing line of which he was part of the models. We exchanged numbers and we started a relationship from there.

It is barely a month since we got to know each other but anyone who has seen us together would think we have been dating for more than two years, simply because we click,” she said.

According to Theresa, Elikem is mature enough to take decisions by himself. “I don’t know why anyone should have problems with me. For some days now, family members of Elikem and friends of Pokello have been disturbing me with phone calls to stay away from Elikem but all I tell them is we are in love and no one can stop us”.


Asked whether she has spoken to Pokello, Theresa said, Pokello rather called her insulting her to leave her boyfriend alone.

A mother of two, Theresa said Elikem is the best person to decide who he wants to be with and once Elikem has settled on her, there is nothing anyone can do to change her mind.

“If Elikem tells me he is no more interested in me, then I will understand that I am the loser and back off but for now, we are happy together,” she said. Source: Modern Ghana

Posted by: Edna D. Haley

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