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Madzibaba give ZRP, ZBC a thorough beating (PICTURES)

Madzibaba give ZRP, ZBC a thorough beating (PICTURES)

Blood-stained police officer runs for dear life after a Madzibaba beating (Picture from NewsDay by Shepherd Tozvireva)

Published: 30 May 2014

ZIMBABWE – SEVERAL police officers were today seriously injured in a brawl with members of the Johane Masowe apostolic sect in the high-density suburb of Budiriro 2 in Harare.

An ACCZ official was also attacked

An ACCZ official was not spared

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe president Johannes Ndanga, in the company of anti-riot police, had gone to the Madzibaba Ishmael-led shrine seeking to enforce a ban on the church for alleged abuse of women and children.

The visit resulted in a physical confrontation between members of the church and the police, and the latter had to flee.

The injured police officers were rushed to hospital to receive treatment for various injuries.

Also injured was a ZBC TV cameraman.


Mob Justice



Madzibaba at work


Violence from Madzibaba


ZBC man getting instant justice




Pictures courtesy of NewsDay by Shepherd Tozvireva

Posted by: Visitor

These fellows were provoked at their worship site by officers carrying out an unconstitutional act, by an illegal judge who fled and left them to face mob justice. They were at their sacred shrine and ready to fight to the death for their religion. Its quite unfortunate the police, the zbc were misled by this Ndanga fellow. Surely a better way existed to communicate with the Mazibaba fellows to stop their activities, not simply bully them with the law enforcement agents. We are simply calling it violence, but it looks like a war had been declared on these hapless worshipers by Ndanga and his crowd which unfortunately included our precious police force.

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