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Makandiwa, Angel cash in $200 000 on men convention

Makandiwa, Angel cash in $200 000 on men convention

Prophet Makandiwa promotion car

Published: 9 September 2012

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s celebrity preachers Prophets Emmanuel Makandiwa and Uebert Angel have cashed in over $200 000 after staging a men-only convention in Harare.

Tickets to the four-day convention held at the City Sports Centre from August 29 to September 1 were selling for $10 per head.

With over 20 000 men attending the event graced by Makandiwa and Angel’s spiritual father Victor Kusi Boateng, a Ghanaian preacher, the bumper crowd at the “ManWorld” convention reaffirmed the youthful preachers’ enormous popularity.

Pastor Mubatsa, spokesman for the convention declined to say how much the prophets had raked in.

“We have no comment on that,” he said.

But a cursory look at the attendance figures and the cover charge confirms the two youthful preachers raked in no less that $200 000 given that attendance was upwards of 20 000 every day.

Prophet Makandiwa and wife

Prophet Makandiwa and wife

The unique convention hall stage was creatively decorated, with a Massey Ferguson tractor on one side and a black Range Rover and sport car on the other side.

Daily, men trooped to the City Sports Centre in droves to listen to the prophets. Others travelled from neighbouring countries.

Makandiwa and Angel spoke about what it means to be a man and the responsibilities of a man.

Pentecostalism has swept through Zimbabwe in recent years, offering the promise not just of entry into heaven in the afterlife but of prosperity and healing in this life.

Churches and prayer are morphing into big business, and it is common for church members to fork out 10percent of their salary in tithes to the church every month.

Makandiwa and Angel’s mega-churches have become like corporations and have their own broadcasting facilities, TV stations and PR machines.

Critics say it is odd that Christian preachers are rich in a religion started by a poor carpenter’s son born in a manger.

The skyrocketing rise of prosperity gospel comes against the background of Zimbabwe’s society where spectacular wealth disparities exist and people seeking to get rich quick at every opportunity. In seeking wealth – the churches and congregation have the same goal, critics say.

Posted by: kitsi

stealing from the poor in the name of God

Posted by: pchavhunduka@gmail.c

it beats me to the bone how people get rich quick quick – even with all the education one cant get that kind of money in a day. One commententor once said uprightness means doing the right thing when no one is watching. Poverty is recking havoc in Zim.

Posted by: jazeebel

dai mukarohwa neshamhu yamwari, stealing from the poor.

Posted by: longman

remember Jesus was never poor

Posted by: Common sense

Tapiwa, this is irresponsible and unintelligent reporting. Attendance
20,000x$10.00 therefore the men racked in $200,000 come on. I am sure they did
not get that venue for free, I doubt that security was provided for free,
possible music and the sound system was not free. If you want people to take
your writing seriously get your facts right and report on sensible facts. Your
article seeks to sensationalize issues but lacks substance. Yes there is an issue here, but the reporting is terrible.

Posted by: gift

It is not surprising to note that to have the conference was a cost to the ministry not a profit. To drive that tractor to the City Sports Centre obviously attracted a fee isnt this obvious to the learned journalist. The article is very deceiving it is as if all the ticket earnings were for the Prophets. My good learned journalist have you ever thought who footed the bill of getting Papa Boateng from Ghana? All that Im asking is for our learned journalists to be objective

Posted by: Stop-a-Thief

Thieves come in different forms; some hide behind the word of God.

Posted by: delta

this is a rough estimate of the gross revenue you dumb ass

Posted by: DrcMwaks

Jezeebel, why cant u leave God to Judge for Himself? God has his correct view about this, which cannot be reversed by what we say or Do.

Posted by: charles

So how is that your business. It is God's work to decide on this. Are u afraid God mighty be overworked hence a need to assist Him?

Posted by: romana engleza tradu

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Posted by: Tawanda

was it $10 per day per head or $10 per head for the four days. I am thinking this is the part which is vague. However, which ever way, the two criminals made a killing

Posted by: Anonymous

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Posted by: Anesto Mandizvidza

Its really surprising that ava vanhu vanobhadharisa kuti vanhu vanzwe shoko raMwari. Jesu haana kutsvaga fuma yenyika ino akapa varombo umambo hwekudenga. Vanongotaura zveprosperity nefuma, asi ndivo ve Illuminati here vanongofunga zvedhora nekutyaira mota dzakanaka? Regai zvikurirane zviyo nemashawi zvichaonekwa pakukohwa

Posted by: dazimond

This is daylight roberly.I do not think I am sinning against God.Why you are always preaching about prosperity. you must also preach about corruption-which is a global injustice. Other issues to preach include drunkenness,fornication,envy,individualism and many others.However you are stealing peoples money. You keep on preaching about giving,forcing people to give.The bible says God want a cheerful giver 2corith 9v 7.I am not judging anyone but I am telling the truth,john chapter8v32. Otherwise you must teach people the truth, revising issues about the erroneous trinity doctrine,where did the prophet Elijah go,judgement day,gehena, Gods view about richness and so on. I know that God will judge you by misleading his people.I am not afraid to tell you because I am also a prophet.

Posted by: life

poor in material wealth but rich spiritually.

Posted by: the bible only

We can not judge as GOD only will do that,the best we can do is to pray that what we believe and follow today is the true church.1timothy 6 verse 3-10 the bible as our compass,guide says if anyone teaches false doctrines and does not agree to sound instruction of our lord jesus christ and to Godly teachings,he is conceited and understands nothing.He has an unhealthy intrest in controvesies and quarrels about words that result in envy,strife,malicious talk,evil suspicions and constant friction between men of corrupt mind, who have been robbed of the truth who think that godliness is a means to finacial gain.But godliness with contentment is great gain.for we brought nothing into the world where the devil dwells and we can take nothing out of it.But if we have food and clothing we will be content with that.people who want to get rich fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish harmful desires that plunge man into ruin and destruction.For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.some people,eager for money,have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

Posted by: jojo

20 000 by 10 equals 200 000. Multiply that by four days you get close to a million. These people are fake prophets. Whoever is allowing themself to be hoodwnked into forking money to these liers have only got themselves to blame. Next they will be challenging for polical power then they will have Mugabe to contend with. By the way this wave of pentecostalism is not only gripping Zimabawe and other African countries, it's all over the world. This could be the death of Christianity as we know it. People because of their weakness are dissing real Christian principles in favour of promises of cure of disease and wealth accumulation, which in most cases never never comes to fruition. They are refusing to accept that salvation comes from the self not from the laying on of hands by some fake self professed so-called prophets like these guys. I await the day they shall be owning their own private jets and we are not too far from that possibility looking at the amounts of money they are raking in.

Posted by: edmore

hameno vanozvitevera vachorohwa mari

Posted by: Tapiwa

venue, electricity, aircon, pa system, projectors, transport, ushers, water, food… etc… all contribute to expenditure mr journalist! Jesus became poor so that we can be rich, wake up!

Posted by: mwalimu

as long as their followers believe them and benefit from their preaching,they must charge them more.they are not forcing anyone to give them starting my own church business.there are a lo8t of foolish in the world.

Posted by: kelvin

guys i urge to refrain from waffling and puking wat u dont know.never insult men of God,guys i tell u there are people who did that and now they are regreting.if u find favour in the sight of God i want u to consider the experience encountered by miriam.wat she did is like wat u are doing passing unneccessary comments on projects initiated by men of God.Miriam scorned Moses and the lord showed her that he doesent like people who scorned his people

Posted by: tinashe

only God is the Judge and ruler,Author and Finisher,Why do people have to pass conclusions on things they do not have evidence on.

Posted by: Nanisha

What angers me the most is that The people I know that go to this church are so poor but they give all they have to him . And he spends the money buying expensive cars. If he really needs a car cant a 20000 dollars car do the same job as a 120000 dollar car why buy the latest cars. In a country where there is a lot of help needed. A lot of people are suffering working in the church cleaning the church till early hours of the morning dedicating most of their time to the church but noone sees them. Those people believe in him and yet do not receive a single dollar. So tell me where 200000 dollars goes. The Lords word is not meant to be sold better yet to poor people who hunger and thirst for the Lord . Renting that place should be with donations I agree but not people to be forced to pay $10 for a conference then in church be asked to donate some more money . Dont you see its wrong or are you just dumb. Dont you see that its way too much money to be getting form a country that half of it depends on oversees relatives to survive. How do you feel knowing that at least half the people who made it to the 10 dollar conference had to either beg for it and spent the whole day hungry because they could not afford food . Just to seek the word of God . Its the 20th century if such large amounts of money are not benefiting the church attenders themselves then who is getting the money. I know because I observed the small people who do the little jobs for the church to run but live poverty stricken lives. Someone needs to start talking … Its not judging that people do, there is no verdict that can be passed but everyone has the right to know where public money goes and also has the right to question prophets in order to see who is the right one . These are the last days and yeas there is a great rise of false prophets so why not question what you do not see as right . Because I know that what God does it will be clear to the world so clear there will be no questions. Peace

Posted by: Guest

Everyone is a person of God. dont monopolise God

Posted by: braTaps

Defending this case won’t help cause probably you went there too which sure does shows that you even yourself need help for defending such atrocities for we knew Jesus not making people pay whom he preached the gospel to. So those who are hungry for the word of God but are poor not to afford the 10 bucks per day won’t get to hear it the word of God #Food for thought#…
These guys tell you what you like to hear Prosperity, Employment & Marriage. Honestly!!!it feels wrong for I have never heard any one of these prophets pondering/greatly emphasizing on the rewards for following the 10commandments is eternal life etc instead they talk about earthly riches etc……I don’t trust these guys makandiwa n angel which I don’t think should refer them as prophets…for I know that a person just doesn’t walk up overnight and choose to call himself a prophet and his wife a prophetess nuh don’t be fooled like that….

Posted by: hondo

i like this guy , he is a genius in a land full of idiots .
how can you give money to some one who doesnt have any accountability????

iam born catholic , and at our church after offerings we count the money and give it to some one we elected who is accountable to the church.

It takes some level of idiosy to contiously give money to someone who dont tell you what they are doing with it.
a church`s bank account should be public information. maybe i will consider giving to church.

if going to heaven is through giving this guys money, am going to hell and i bet i will meet these guys there.

the government need to be involved in protecting its citizens from this kinsd of fraud – most of these idiots who give these guys money are vulnerable

Posted by: Mazvita

Idiot troll. This is what happens when stupidity strikes. Go and write a report if you think you can do better. You have nowhere near the statistics he has delineated and yet you are claiming some higher moral ground and integrity while you are sitting on your thumb. This is a balanced article and does well as an expose. Go out and do something to rival his reporting.

Posted by: Nuetral

Common Sense you need to read again, I am sure the writer’s article is based on a rational assumption given that he states that attendance was no less than 10000 every day, I am sure you can deduce that this implies that the show did not occur in one day. Look before you leap

Posted by: Tatenda Kuboya

89 its not vazhinji vakatisiya vaiva nemi muhondo yekusunungura nyika asi mwari vakakusiya pamwe nemamwe magamba achiripo vakakuitai mutungamiri wedu continue to defend us from those who want to enhance your people

Posted by: annointed

so if Jesus was born in menger did God say be poor?shame on you papers devil's mouth piece.
who are you to justify people?for u to hear the gospel its not cheap.Go yea and preach the gospel did they say in your bedroom no outside>who forced u to go to church,what is that makes you to say they are fake?n wo are you to judge them?what have you done for the gospel?how many souls have you led to Christ

Posted by: edward

The bible says touch not my anointed ones,and do my Prophets no harm,True prophet or not Don't judge leave it for God.

Posted by: God sent

i declare and decree more money in them in jesus name , let those who speak bad about these man of God get thier packages in jesus name .Devil get out of the way of God's prophets .Many i jesus times missed it out because the look at jesus and judgee.They said he was born out of our daughter ,he knows nothing .People only believe that riches are from devil wake up who created the uiverse.God can do anything , anywhere,anytime.

Posted by: prada bags

kiwtmuvw aijvyezn vaiwbcbjgbw uymaeoxypqe Makandiwa, Angel cash in $200 000 on men convention | ZimDaily hajssxgt crlhzpl afpotgm rptnnp zivmjsctlvl gbfwyrugo

Posted by: Edz

I'm positive that has got to be somebody or a family that desires to surprise begetter, reciprocally for blessings. At UFI we have a tendency to all recognize that if you are doing one thing that begetter (Prophet Makandiwa) marvels then one thing rattling can happen in your life.

Posted by: Abbie MASHAMBA

Makandiwa and Angel are two very wise guys, if it was me and my pal BHOBHO we would have charged
more, say 50 coz there is nothing as nice as recieving from fools who willinglly give you their hard earned money
just to hear what was said by forerunners in the likes of Utaunashe and company. I will bet you that these two wise
guys at one time went to FOGO or ZAOGA etc, learnt the trick and then went out to the confused crowds and started
the big reap. I say to these two guys ;Now that you have seen that it works, book the National Sports Stadium and
charge 100; To the foolish ripped ones I say ;Count your loses and go back to your conventional churches where the
messege of LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR is taught; AMEN

Posted by: vimbai

chokwadi vakomana muchatongwa. the bibles says cherechedzai magumo avo vese vanoita varikuita zvavarikuita nezita raMwari. i urge u to repent Ubert and Makandiwa that's evil.

Posted by: thanh lap cong ty

Makandiwa and Angel’s mega-churches have become like corporations and have their own broadcasting facilities, TV stations and PR machines.

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