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Rogue Businessman Mutodi accused of raping a minor

Rogue Businessman Mutodi accused of raping a minor

Rogue Businessman Energy Mutodi with an unidentified minor

Published: 13 February 2013

ZIMBABWE – MUSICIAN and rogue businessman Energy Mutodi stands accused of raping a minor during the last Christmas holiday.

Energy Mutodi

Energy Mutodi

Mutodi who is embroiled in a bitter wrangle with more than 15 000 civil servants he is alleged to have duped in residential stands scam is said to have raped a then Form 2 pupil at Mashoko High School in Masvingo Province.

The girl (name supplied) is said to have been duped into being intimate with Mutodi around 27 December and was given an undisclosed amount of money.

The minor was however chased away by her parents prompting her to cling on to Mutodi who took her to his Charlotte Brook home in Harare for temporary refuge as he sought plan to take the girl back.

To cover up for the offence, Mutodi, according to his close relative, paid the father of the girl $800 to silence him while he also arranged for a boarding school place for the girl at Mashoko High School.

“It is true that Mutodi raped a girl and paid the father $800. He then sought for a place to learn for the girl at Mashoko where the girl was admitted and Mutodi is responsible for the school fees,” said the relative.

Mutodi is however declining any links with the girl saying his driver is the one who is in love with the minor. He even confirmed that he kept the girl at his house as it was his driver’s ‘wife’. The relative suspects that all this was done for rituals.

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