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Small house for ministers

Published: 29 October 2013




Zimbabwe – President Robert Mugabe revealed Saturday that most members of his Cabinet had small houses, adding the ministers were taking advantage of their wealth to engage in extramarital affairs.

Mugabe was speaking at the wedding of his niece Shammah Chidhakwa, who married Nicholas Bhero at Umwinzii in Harare Umwinsidale area.

Urging the newly-weds to be faithful to each other, Mugabe lamented the small house culture now prevalent in Zimbabwe adding his own ministers, whom he expected to be exemplary, also had extra-marital affairs.

The wealth some of these people have is what is causing problems. Small houses, small houses! I said to Cabinet the other day: looking at all of you, who can I say does not have a small house?

Let us not follow that. One man, one wife and your marriage will go a long way, he said.

The veteran leader challenged women to fight the problem by refusing to be involved in such relationships.

The ladies must fight this out, but they are the people in small houses, he said.

Indeed, we fight for the right of the girl child, but let us recognize those aspects of our customs, those aspects of Christianity, by binding them together and make them the basis of our morality, tizvisunge nehunhu hwedu, he said.

The Zanu PF leader joked that although he was invited to many wedding parties he was never invited to the divorces which often followed.

I get invited to many weddings and often get asked to stand up and dance in celebration, which I do. But later I get told that ah, that wedding has failed and I wonder what I was dancing to, he said.

I never get invited to the divorces either.


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