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Zimbabwe woman sends Mugabe nude picture via Whatsapp

Zimbabwe woman sends Mugabe nude picture via Whatsapp

Published: 6 January 2013

BULAWAYO – A Bulawayo woman is in trouble for sending an image of a naked President Robert Mugabe to a friend via popular social networking platform Whatsapp.

Shantel Rusike of Sunninghill suburb in Bulawayo has appeared before magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa facing charges of causing hatred, contempt or ridicule of the president as defined in Section 33(2)(a)(ii) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act or Code Chapter 9:23.

According to State papers, Rusike sent an image depicting President Mugabe in a nude state to a colleague identified as Precious Tshuma on Christmas day. The picture was accompanied by the caption: “Robert Mugabe turning 87 years on 21 February, happy birthday Matibili operation.”

Tshuma filed a police report leading to Rusike’s arrest. The 20-year-old is out of custody on US$100 bail and will be back in court on 11 January. Malvern Nzombe is prosecuting.

Rusike’s case comes hard on the heels of the acquittal of a former manager at food concern Innscor, who had been slapped with criminal charges and fired from work for allegedly coining lyrics deemed as insulting to President Mugabe. Tendai Gumbo (33), a former shift manager at Inn Express supermarket in Bulawayo was facing a charge of disorderly conduct in a public place.

While Gumbo escaped the criminal charges, he has joined hordes of unemployed Zimbabweans. Gumbo confirmed being fired after being fired following the case.

“I was fired after being arrested on false allegations of insulting the president in my song. My main worry is while my case was pending at the court, management quickly cooked up charges against me at work accusing me of having defrauded the company of US$100. I was served with a suspension letter on 8 November. A week later I went for a hearing, but while my case was still in the courts, I received a dismissal letter on 22 November,” said Gumbo.

Robert Mugabe sleeping on duty

Robert Mugabe sleeping on duty

He added: “Anyway, I know that all the management wanted to do was to disassociate themselves from an individual accused of insulting the Head of State,” he claimed.

The State alleged that on 20 September, while on duty, Gumbo sang: “Zanu yawora nemukuru wayo naye awora (Zanu PF and its leader are rotten)”

Posted by: ndozvinei

with friends like these how can one go wrong

Posted by: Chilean

How can the police and the goverment be so Facist??? Here in Chile this will be considered a dictatorship… Greetings and the force be with you.

Posted by: kxd

Glad I’m an American. At least we (usually) can get away with insulting whoever we want!

Posted by: bwana

Chile is one autocratic state! Full of corruption and drug cartels. Go to hell!

Posted by: Mai Muchaneta

Can you pass it on to me please.

Posted by: Varombovanhu

The murderous despot Matibili is the only CEO who gets away with sleeping on the JOB.!

Posted by: bolokang Bolokang

u ol beutiful..zim queens!

Posted by: chabvuta

munhu wese anotoita time yaanomborara pabasa, correct me if I am wrong, saka haizi nyaya.

Posted by: carlees

Congratulation his majesty President Robert Mugabe for turning 89. May God give you many more years. You are a blessing. Zimbabwe is peaceful because of you and those faithful leaders around you. They deserve a bonus or a treat of some kind. There are very few head of states who mention and appreciate God. President/King Robert Mugabe, an evangelist, is unique. Long live king Robert Mugabe. May God bless you together with your queen Grace, and not forgetting your children. May God continue increase your wisdom and knowledge. I wish for a moment I will shake hands with his majesty, King Robert Mugabe. That is my prayer. Long live President. Ndine mudzukulu wanu.

Posted by: carlees

Anyone who commits a crime must be tried. No one is above law in Zimbabwe. President Mugabe must be protected and respected.

Posted by: mbt shoes

Oh! Wow its in fact a humorous and jockey Zimbabwe woman sends Mugabe nude picture via Whatsapp | ZimDaily posted at this place. thanks for sharing it.

Posted by: Kamurenga

Thanks Varombovanhu you are oneof the finest Zimbabweans that ever lived to say the truth about this thug.Kwete zviri kutaurwa nengochani dziri pa page ino

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Posted by: tokorlosh

Mugabe you are the most evil bastard on this planet. Only brain washed and half educated idiots follow you. You have never earned anything with honesty, you thieve, manipulate, deceive and murder for your vulgar want of wealth.

Posted by: libertyatliberty

By Njabulo

Russia vs Ukraine crisis ;

Ukraine: Crimea ‘to join Russia’ after referendum. Is this the spark that will

ignite the fourth world war like the Sarajevo Assassination? Does Russia action

amount to’ territorial aggrandizement ’.?

Russia vs Ukraine crisis ; According to
international law ,no

country is allowed to occupy another using force. Every country deserves its

independence. Despite this there are others that still have other countries as

their colonies or they partly control those countries. This means that those

countries are quasi-autonomous states. Russia is in the verge of taking over

Crimea which is part of Ukraine. Well it appears that the predominant

population in that region are Russian or have Russian descent. It appears that

Crimea was ceded to Ukraine some years back. Now the people of Crimea want out

of Ukraine .They believe that they are more of Russian than Ukraine. One would

conclude that they are right to choose were to belong because this is in line

with international law. It is within the ambit of international law for a

people to have self determination. It is part of their human rights. This is

because the people of Crimea have voted for this. That is a referendum has been

held .According to the outcome published by the media, 95% voted to be part of

Russia. So the people have spoken there is no need to stop them or to force

them to remain part of Ukraine .If they get forced ,then that would be

trampling on their human rights or a violation of their human rights. Of

course, every state has responsibility over its nationals. Every state owes a

duty of care to its people. But a people living in a particular geographical

area also deserve self determination. It deserves enfranchisement. It deserves

autonomy. Above all Russia did not force

them. If Russia had attacked Ukraine,

then that would have amounted to a violation of international law. One would

conclude that that would have been a spark that ignited the fourth world war

like the Sarajevo Assassination. This is because all the super powers are

trying to block Russia from interfering with the affairs of Ukraine. But all

this is politics. Whereas the mitigating factor for Russia is that, the

unpalatable state of affairs obtaining in Ukraine is posing a threat to the

national security of Russia. This is about supremacy in the world. There is

great competition by super powers at international level. They counter each

other in many ways. What is surprising with the condemnation of Russia by other

super powers, is that England also made a similar move in the Falkland Islands

. A referendum was held by the people of Falkland Islands .They had to choose

to be aligned to or be part of England or Argentina. The people of Falklands

opted to belong to England. Argentina complained but no one country interfered

or blamed England for that action. Perhaps Russia is simply following a

‘parallel behaviour’. If England did the same and that was not deemed to be

against international law, then to be fair, Russia should not be blamed. One

would also conclude that, no sanctions should be imposed against Russia. This

is because .in the eyes of international law, all countries are supposed to be

treated the same or be equal. It is true that the actions of Russia might be

construed to be motivated by an urge for ‘territorial aggrandizement’. But on

the one hand .one would conclude that the other powers are also conceived of

the same policy as illustrated by England in the Falkland Islands. What makes
this crisis interesting ,controversial

and complicated ,is that the new leaders in Ukraine came to power through a

‘coup d’état ‘.In the eyes of international law ,this is an infraction of

international law. So why the other world powers support the new Ukraine

government when it assumed power through violent means? Russia on the other

hand does not condone the procedure in which the new Ukraine government came

into power. Is Russia playing politics? Is she abiding by international law? My

answer is that she is abiding by international law by blaming the new Ukraine

government for assuming power through violent means. Are other powers also

playing politics by supporting the new Ukraine government? Again, yes! England

is one of the super powers that is supporting the new Ukraine government. Of

interest is that the ousted government wanted out of the European Union.

England is also on the verge of holding a referendum to opt out of the European

Union. Apparently this is the main dilemma that led to the skirmishes or mayhem

in Ukraine. To put it summarily, England wants out of the EU just like the

overthrown Ukraine government. Oh, what an irony. The reason why the Ukraine

people want to be part of the EU is that they will be granted free movement to

other European Union member states. The EU law is in Regulations and

Directives. That means the people of any EU member states can move to other EU

countries free , take up employment and

access benefits like the nationals of the host EU country.EU law is supreme

over national laws of any EU member state. That is ,it is binding and takes

precedent over national laws of all

member states .However , member states have the advantage to derogate in

applying the EU law in certain circumstances. That is ,they can waive. For

example , for national security purposes. The last point is that ,Africa is

indebted to Russia for its role that it played during the liberation of many

African countries. Russia trained Africans ,armed them and allowed them to go

to its Universities when they were asylum seekers/refugees. She opposed

apartheid in South Africa. China too played a major role. It now remains to be

seen as to what will follow next.

By Njabulo (my opinion)

Posted by: amoa

Why is this old ass not dying sooner. Mugabe is a dictator and must die soon

Posted by: hatidzokere kumusha

still typing

Posted by: vudhogo

pasi nemi vafanha, hana chamunoziva nepolitics imi

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