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Zimbabwe is returning to its former glory – Makandiwa

Zimbabwe is returning to its former glory – Makandiwa

Published: 20 April 2014

HARARE – Zimbabwe’s economy is set for a major breakthrough and people must prepare for the good times that are set to roll again, with industries getting back to maximum production, preacher Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has said.

Speaking to more than 160 000 people at the United Family International Church’s all-night event dubbed Judgment Night 2 at the National Sports Stadium in Harare early yesterday morning, Prophet Makandiwa said Zimbabweans will cry no more.

“I see in the helm of the spirit that this nation will not go back to where it was,” he said. “God is giving this nation a better platform. We need to pray now for this. As we experience the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, he will begin to resurrect this country.

“Industries shall begin to run again. I see production. You shall remember these words. You will be able to move around the city and be able to do your shopping even during the night. Industries shall no longer be closing shop, selling goods in the afternoon and in the evening.

“You shall see it happening in your lifetime. Jesus is following us, coming to a place of recovering us from the graveyard, restoring us back to our position,” Prophet Makandiwa said.

He said instead of complaining, Zimbabweans must invite Jesus to lead them forward. “Nobody shall lay his filthy hands on you from tonight,” he said. “Jesus is coming to that place to restore us. We were there for a very long time, suffering for a very long time.

“You are going to present this nation before God and begin to plead the blood of Jesus over the policies, the economy and relationships.

“You will know and you will see that this God is alive.” Prophet Makandiwa’s spiritual father, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng, said the power of hell that sought to cripple Zimbabwe was being judged. “So, Zimbabwe will never be the same again,” he said.

“There is judgment from the Supreme Court of Heaven and the destiny of Zimbabwe is being determined in this Judgment Night.”
Prophet Boateng said it was not a coincidence that Judgment Night 2 came a day after the Independence Day celebrations, saying the two events signified the physical and the spiritual well-being of the country.

Judgment Night 2 was oversubscribed, with the 60 000-seater National Sports Stadium full by 1pm on Saturday. With the help of the police, those who failed to enter the stadium were convinced to watch proceedings from the B Arena where giant screens were set up.

However, B Arena was full within minutes and organisers had to create a second overflow with more screens. Judgment Night 2 was attended by thousands of international visitors from Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, the DRC, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Australia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Lesotho, Spain, Ukraine, Britain, the United States and Afghanistan.

Judgement Night Cars

Judgement Night Cars

Government ministers who attended the event included Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Ignatius Chombo, Minister of State for Mashonaland West Ferber Chidarikire, Minister of State for Harare Miriaam Chikukwa, Minister of State for Midlands Jason Machaya. Senior Minister Simon Khaya Moyo’s wife Margaret, several deputy ministers, Members of Parliament and prominent businesspeople were also in attendance.

Minister Machaya, who was in attendance, said: “We welcome the prophecy and it gives the nation hope. This is what is needed at this time.”

Former Deputy Minister of Information and Publicity Cde Bright Matonga said the nation had been waiting for such encouragement. “The judgment has already been done; Zimbabwe is going to be revived.”

Posted by: Kenneth Mtata

While I appreciate the spirituality of the Zimbabwean people and the positive aspirations for the well-being of the nation from their prophets, I am really troubled to think that people believe that it is merely prayer that will restore the pride of our nation. This kind of superstitious economics only make people impotent, have false expectations and kills any possibilities for critical agency. I believe religion can be a resource for our development, but this kind of religion is simply opium for the people. Our people are blinded by these baseless hallucinations. We need to work hard, change the way we do politics, establish a predictable economic environment and create an environment of transparency and accountability. Only then, with prayer, can God heal our country. Any call to prayer without taking any real measures to change our political economy is day-dreaming and is not prophecy from God. As the prophet Jeremiah has said, “They offer superficial treatments for my people’s mortal wound. They give assurances of peace when there is no peace” (Jeremiah 6:14). Wenyu munaShe

Posted by: ruth labode

Do we know when we are surposed to see all this? A prophet must say that which will take place and not his wish.

Posted by: Tafadzwa

Makandiwa is not sure therefore he does not unveil his prediction with accuracy. This blindness is caused by being carnally minded, it all begins when one is so concerned with the matters of men rather than the matters of God. that is why Christ says to Peter “get thee behind me Satan.” He does not show the signs which will trigger the change. He is casting a wide net and hopes it will catch something. Prophesying is not always saying good news to the evil and wicked. A true prophet knows the affairs of his country, region etc depending on which situation is he manifested for. The basic manifestation of a prophet is to authenticate the heritage of the gospel and to give continuity to the ways of the prophets not to be lured by crazy crowds into saying what they expect to here. This is called Prostitution, it is the sin of the politically minded Self-acclaimed so-called Christians. Let us become students of Scriptures so that we may guard and help ourselves and our brethren from falling blind in a deep sleep. Lest He comes and we are left to our Prosperity. There are three things to be considered when observing these kinds of predictions; (1) Circular authority / law and its effects. (2) Religious (law or grace) righteousness (3) Does the Speaker bear the iniquity of the congregation? These men do not bear the iniquity of the congregation, they bear the groaning of the people so they spend their time in prayer seeking for the comfort of the people ignoring that true comfort comes from the hope of life eternity which is a product of the true gospel that comes from the Holy Spirit whom these men grieving, by loving this present world and abandoning the course of the gospel inherited from the TRUE PROPHETS, JESUS CHRIST and the APOSTLES.

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