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Zimbabwe launches Energy policy

Zimbabwe launches Energy policy

Acting PM Thokozani Khupe (LEFT)

Published: 9 September 2012

ZIMBABWE – ENERGY-PLAGUED Zimbabwe on Thursday launched an Energy policy meant to enhance future electricity supplies.

Acting Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe launched the Zimbabwe Energy Policy in the capital.

The launch comes at a time when cash-strapped Zimbabwe is appealing to regional powerhouses South Africa and Angola for $400million in budgetary support.

Energy and Power Development minister Elton Mangoma said the policy is intended to give investors, consumers and planners a clear sense of direction and confidence in our energy future.

It also seeks to attract investment and provide jobs and prosperity for Zimbabweans.

“It strikes the right balance in recognising the roles of government, utilities, regulator, private investors and industry in delivering sufficient energy for our shared vision,” he said.

He said the development of the NEP has been framed around the need to enable the people of Zimbabwe to have full access to modern energy sources by 2040. The policy defines the immediate, medium and long term strategies to increase generation capacity in the country.

Meanwhile Finance minister Biti unveiled details of a $350million deal with Beijing to expand the Kariba South power station to boost power generation by 300 MW.

Zimbabwe currently generates 1,000 MW of power when national demand is over 2,000MW. Mangoma said Zimbabwe was also planning a 100 MW solar plant to be commissioned in 2013.

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