ZUPCO announces 100% fee hike

ZUPCO announces 100% fee hike

ZIMBABWE – The government-run Zimbabwe United Passanger Company (ZUPCO) has announced a 100% fee hike effective 5 September 2020.

This was revealed through a statement from Belvedere Depot Manager to all conductors dated 4 September 2020.

This effectively means buses that were costing ZW$8 will now be $16, those which cost $12 will be $24 and those costing $16 will now be $32.

The company said “This is to ensure we keep providing Safe and Reliable transport whilst ensuring Operational efficiency to all stakeholders.”

Many citizens toom to social media to express their disgruntled opinions because this hike will further pile misery to the already struggling population where many are informally employed and those who are employed earn very little to sustain their livelihoods.

ZUPCO is already struggling to meet the public demands with the whole country grappling with a public transport crisis.

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