Zvikomborero Nyamandi got endorsment deal

Zvikomborero Nyamandi got endorsment deal


ZIMBABWE – Talented gospel hip hop artiste Zvikomborero Nyamandi has very reason to be thankful after he got an endorsement deal from a South African clothing line manufacturer Fresh Juice.

The 22-year-old artiste, whose stage name is Lil Megaz, has been making waves with his track Falling Down, before being endorsed by Rashid Phiri and Lasmus Ndlovu as their brand ambassador in Zimbabwe.

“Everything is now official and this year we finalised all the paper work. I have been their ambassador but not in a professional way because nothing had been documented.

“Now I have sponsorship because that is both material and financial,” said Lil Megaz.

The artiste said on New Year’s Day he will be randomly distributing Fresh Juice clothes in the streets in Harare as part of their marketing strategy.

“On January 1 I will be randomly giving people Fresh Juice clothes in the streets of Harare because we want the brand to grow.

“We are also planning to open a distribution shop in Harare because besides being an ambassador, I am now part of Phiri and Ndlovu, as an advisor to the company,” added Lil Megaz.

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