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7 Zimbabwe crooks' proceeds of US$10m fraud uncovered

7 Zimbabwe crooks' proceeds of US$10m fraud uncovered

US$10m FRAUD MASTERMIND - Kudzai Marimbire (RIGHT) and friend having a good time

Published: 9 September 2012

CINCINNATI — Seven men from Zimbabwe have been indicted on charges of using the identities of hundreds of Americans to file false tax returns that netted them up to $10 million, officials announced Friday.

Julius Marimbire with brother Kudzai Marimbire

Julius Marimbire with brother Kudzai Marimbire

A federal grand jury indicted the men Thursday, charging them in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati with conspiracy, fraud, identity theft and money laundering. They each would face up to 60 years in prison if convicted of all the charges.

The indictment alleges that the men ran a tax preparation business in Cincinnati and that between 2006 and 2010 they used the identities of at least 658 people nationwide to file false tax returns and collect between $2.4 million and $10 million.

The men sent money and dozens of luxury cars and semi-trucks back to Zimbabwe but also kept much of the profits to themselves, the indictment says. Among items seized by authorities were multiple Mercedes-Benz cars, a Cadillac, an Audi, a BMW, watches by Burberry and Gucci and numerous laptops, iPads and TVs.

Three of the men are brothers and were identified as Kudzaiishe Marimbire, Tawanda Marimbire and Julius Marimbire, all citizens of Zimbabwe.

Also indicted were Hlomera Mabhande, Johanes Tagarisa and Kudzaishe Bungu, also all citizens of Zimbabwe.

A seventh man who was indicted, Andrew Bere, was listed as a U.S. citizen but is from Zimbabwe.

Tawanda Marimbire was arrested in April and is in federal custody, but authorities wouldn’t say where.

Bere is out pending a court hearing later this month, and a message left for him Friday wasn’t immediately returned. The rest of the men are believed to have fled the United States

The scheme was uncovered after a number of people across the nation were unable to file tax returns because returns already had been filed for them, U.S. attorney’s office spokesman Fred Alverson said.

Proceeds of Crime -  more trucks parked at suspects homes in Zimbabwe

Proceeds of Crime - more trucks parked at suspects homes in Zimbabwe

The trucks parked at their homes in ZImbabwe

The trucks parked at their homes in Zimbabwe

Proceeds of Crime - Luxury fleet of buses the men bought with the money

Proceeds of Crime - Luxury fleet of buses the men bought with the money

Julius and Kudzai's Mercedes cars parked outside their homes in CINCINNATI, USA

Julius and Kudzai's Mercedes cars parked outside their homes in CINCINNATI, USA

  • Rombe

    Ladies and gentleman, this is a sad day in history! These young men were living a time of their life! It's sad the flash life they had was a result of hugororo!

    • Mkanya

      Thank you. I hope they are sodomised in jail for 60yrs. Some of us are rich but hatina watinobira. We dont hide when we see the police, we are not afraid of being investigated.. Dirty money will always lead you to ruin, at some point!

      • Ms Leeza

        When people have shortcomings how dare you make a horrible comment on what you hope happens to them with God,or in jail! You ALL should pray for them! You should not be a devils and condemn Them! They NEVER killed anyone, as a matter of fact your opportunities were obviously enlightened! Look at the homes behind the pictures of those trucks. I am not condoning the actions but if they actually were able to put food and needed supplies into an area that seems to be very needy, maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Those trucks and buses probably helped in your area more than they hurt you ignoramus! You are not God nor or you a good example of a Christian! Shame on you all who are making fun of them and tormenting their families, and their children who have nothing to do with their offenses.

  • Dhewa

    Its so unfortunate, I know the father Mr Marimbire who was once a headmaster at Mutendi high school, he is here in the UK doing support work. The children have disgraced their father who is someone who did very well in Masvingo as an educator. The father will hide in shame because the children have disgraced their parents. Well, I am not very sure about the way they all went to US from Masvingo but rumour has it that they abused a scholarship that was meant to benefit the poor and they sent their children to the US. This was done in conjunction with the Bere family. Honestly its a shame, God has exposed everything you did, shame on you.

    • corge

      ko iwe dhewa so u know ZCC?

  • Takesure

    Did your parents take you to school so that you can be crooks?

    • Kutyeiko

      Vari kuvhima

  • wasara

    Some pple r idiots if u dont have the brain to make money thats u.havana kuuraya vanhu so wt the fuck why would u say they have shame the family.majaira kubirwa nevarungu.anyways good luck guys

    • Kodza

      Is this what you call brains to make money? You need help! Mbavhai mbavha chete whether Muringu or munhu mutema!

      • Wasara

        At least varikuba mari vachiudza upfumi bk kumusha inga kana ana padtor makandiwa varikuba mari neshoko ra mwari but vanhu hamutsure nezvavi.yes u might say i need help from ur point of view.u need help as well kuti ubvuse pfungwa dzechirombe and think of hw to make money

        • Kodza

          Iwe tsaga, you can still bring hupfumi kumusha usina kuba mhani bharanzi! Tese trikushanda tirimapenzi? Learn to be satisfied with the little you have? Kuba ndokuitasei?

          • wasara

            Iwe ndiwe stanga uchafa nekushanda izvezvi hauna kaka chaunacho asi basa regodo.dzora shanje wangu cz wakatosara ende isu tinoti pamberi ne kumbira varungu kuti zvityise we have the brains kubira varungu shamwari.

          • Kodza

            Ibai tone! Tichaona Kuti akangwara ndiyani – Mbavha, nevanhu vanoshandira mari yavo!

          • longman

            takapambwa hupfumi nevarungu kudhara, moti ghoridhe nengoda kutora kwawo hakusi kuba. pamusoro pazvo nevanhu futi kutoba. siyai tidzore upfumi uhwu

          • ms leeza

            If all you want is a hut and a cow dont get mad at those who want to have a tiny piece of the zillions in this world. Get mad at those who kill, maim, and mistreat the less fortunate, these boys did not do any of the later things mentioned to you so shut up.

    • chatunga

      zhet kana mbavha inobirwa.kwete kungosiya varungu vachitibira.goodlucky guys

  • they forgot farai marimbire…where is the interpol i will tell them

    • Marimbire has 4 sons..farai is in the loop i knw so

      • wasara

        Mboko siya farai akadaro nekuti haana nguva newe u r writting bullshit.

      • chenaicm

        whatever it is you hate about him pedzeranai not spending yo time printing lies. Shame on you Loz, or is that even yo name

      • chochochooo

        how do you know he is in the loop, asi newewo uripo here kanakuti akakunya mboro and now you are just talking rubish? it seems as if you know more about it then every one

        • tweet

          I do not understand why you feel the need to support such crime, you can say stupid stuff about people but I guess you should start by looking at how silly you are.This is a big scale scam and odds are that other brother is involved. So please go to school and do your maths thoroughly

          • chochochooo

            one dosnt have to go to school to learn nyaya yacho, this is how you are showing kuit iwe TWEET you are stupid. in what curriculum do they teach nyaya iyi? i know the family, those who committed the crime committed it, but dont involve every one coz its not every one who was involved… difference between me and you is that iwe nyaya unoinzwira ku next door

          • ms leeza

            Why do you feel that because many do not feel the need to wish hateful, evil things upon the boys who DID whatever they make be ALLEGED to have done, that we are in support of the crime? You are not a person who reads the bible, you have NO RIGHT to JUDGE them, you are not judge, jury, or GOD! And my math says, those are the only four entities who can in this life judge them. So your hateful comments only pile more sins on you when your day of judgement comes. See sin is sin………maybe you should repent as well.

      • Decki

        you have nothing in your life more important to do than contribute to the downfall of your brother, attempting to give him away to the same people that came to your motherland killed and stole from your people yet they themselves faced no justice similar to that which you are trying to have enforced. Says a lot about you.

      • Ms Leeza

        This must be because he did not want your ugly ass that you are so mad at him, Now is that the real deal?

    • chenaicm

      Iweka!! iye Farai is the only decent son the marimbire. I knw him and i knw the family coz i moved with them from masvingo to uk. so for you to try and blacken his name, i sense a private animosity

      • guest

        wat world do you live in if farai is decent,its the same breed,same nyoka i know farai from rotherham so dont be supporting mayb the biggest thief here,hw can he be absent whn all his brothers are thr.???? mubvunzo mukuru

        • chochochooo

          just because vanhu vemubamenyu mahure does that mean kuti urihurewo, just a question?

          • tweet

            yes its in the genes,its biological, be clever enough to educate yourself first.

          • chochochooo

            u see how stupid you have shown your self to be, making a choice to be a part of something or not be does not require the type of biological genes that are in the family, its a a choice one makes and am guessing in this case he chose not to be a part of it. noting to do with genes……..kumusha kure

          • Ms Leeza

            Thank you for your opinion that is positive, so many it seems are stuck in the negative, still believing in witchcraft, sorcery,evil, and hate and pure malicious jealousy! They seem to be so ignorant to the truth, the light and forgiveness over there it is no wonder they live in such abhorred conditions! Do not be angry that these kids did not accept that the way many people live in many parts of Zimbabwe that are still underdeveloped, is all this life had to offer them! They atleast tried to do something to bring opportunities to not just themselves, but also the people of that area! Shame on those who are hating these boys so much for making a moral mistake!At the same time many of their critics may have been lining their pockets with the money as well. What those boys did does not affect the people who are hating on them so…. Why do Black Africans people treat their OWN so badly…

          • mbava4life

            @tweet idiot.. obvious you are not learned enough. If you knew anything about genes you would have never have used that reference. Kana Farai wacho arimbava, let the man do what he has to do. I bet you dont even have the balls to face him and say what you think about. Such is the mark of the man or asshole you are

          • ms leeza

            You should be careful, speaking now against the parents, and family members of these boys! Saying it is biological and in the genes is a direct verbal attack on their family. Be sure no bones will ever fall out of your family closet before you use your tongue to lash out at others so harshly.

        • ms leeza

          The same way a wife is absent when her husband is committing adultery on her you dumbass.

      • Ms Leeza

        You are kind, but only partially true. You see many times DECENT people make mistakes and commit crimes, jails have many decent people in them who have done so. So for you to say Farai is decent was nice, but to say he is the ONLY decent son you are still very incorrect ask the people over there who have decent jobs, and are now eating decent food, and are wearing decent clothes, and living in decent housing, because of the others that you feel are indecent.

    • hwachanja

      tipei tinzwe sister munenge mune nyaya imimi

    • Ms Leeza

      The low life that you are, is an example of how slavery began…Selling out your own people you hairless harlot. Do you really think interpol, has not looked at everyone around these boys? Are you really that uneducated about investigations of this magnitude…you are evil and jealous you banana sucking tramp!

    • roger

      lorraine urpfambi

  • mukosho

    hahaha ive bn waiting for this day for a long time..mapenzi evanhu..i hope they rot in jail..vakomana ivava vaivhaira nemari yekuba..matumbu iwawo ese achapera vapinda mujeri. and i hope they get 60yrs dzavarikutaura.

    • Truth!!!!!

      Manje inzwa inini……. Cash Irikunaka Sunny!!!!!!!

    • ms leeza

      Basically, you have proven to the world that you have always disliked and had jealousy for these boys…what happened did they have more than you when they were little kids too? So silly…go get a job you dipstick. Jealousy will get you nowhere, this is probably the only place in the world that anyone will ever hear what you have to say. You unimportant piece of cowdung

  • mboko

    Can the police go to the following address
    5 Sandstone Avenue
    South Yorkshire
    S9 1AJ

    That is where the mothers lives, the bitch who gave birth to these dogs, and pick up th rest of the loot and also pick up the ugly son of theirs asara,if you dnt find him ask the manijches,they might know. for phone nummbers i have them and the landline mutuke people who disgrace our hard working zimbabweans

    • Guest

      I know her.its Edith Marimbire and i have address we kwaManjiche, vanonyepera kuita zvechurch hahahahaha

      • umkhonto

        Ndimi vano fonera home office muchivaudza kuti hama dzenyu hadzina mapepa…Kana gonzo haridaro.

        • limwaz

          loaded with such cash they must have fucked all the pussy in the USA.T
          here is no wonder some sisters back here are jealousy

    • mama

      you are a joke,who r u to do this,yu are sell out,let God be judge not u.

    • roger

      mboko you are a loser , you are still sore over your girlfriend who was sleeping with the boyz oh it was your was your wife the mother to your kids

  • Arthur

    Hahahahahahahaha. zvakaoma akomana. Mari nehupenyu Hwevanhu.

  • MurdochR

    And people wonder why getting a visa to anywhere on a zim passport is a nightmare!

  • chenaicm

    nyika yaipa

  • chenaicm

    munoziva soo ka, nyaya yekuba is bad. its sad that such a thing has happened

    • Zuuu

      Ndirikutosvikawo izvozvi kubva kuHaiti, kwanzi chiiko? Nani wacho? Kwanzi maZimba aita sei?Saka zvichaitwa sei? Inga ma 1000! Kana paneyakasara ndipeiwo boyz!

      • dr tag90

        unonyepa iwe,uri ku care home pa shift.

  • chenaicm

    imagine how the parents, friends and relatives are feeling. seka urema wafa. dzimwe nguva unofunga later later kuti hei zviya zvandakaitaka zvanga was not necessary. Mwari ngavatinzwire tsitsi

  • umkhonto

    Boys makayedza…exit strategy ndiyo yamakakoniwa…good luck. Nema assets amunawo kuZim, chiitai business kwaro kwete kuzofambisa gonyeti risina service…munoto buda D.
    Avo vanoissa ma personal details evamwe pa website hatidi. Moderator please remove. Hutsotsi we boys hauneyi nana mothers details shuwa. Koiwe wanga uri virgin pawakarorwa/rora…asi waibva kuimba yakanaka wani. Inotambika…vana vanoita madiro vakura. Boys mafa mayedza…hutsotsi or not.

    • Rombe

      Vakaedza? You open your big mouth to say Mbavha yakaedza? What have become as a people? We now call bad things good and good bad..have mercy!

  • umkhonto

    Moderator please remove Mr & Mrs Marimbire's personal details from the comments. That is truely uncalled for. We cannot crucify the parents for the childs short comings.

  • tisuanhu acho

    zvanyanya zvemweya yevana yakusimuka

  • Truth!!!!!!

    Manje Kana Mese Murikufunga Kuti takauya Kuno Ku America kuzoita ma American mairasa mubhini, Ava ndivo maguy manje Mukoma Ross muguy manje, plus it sounds like mese murikukomenta muri ku England, chimbo uyayi kuno muone kuti Tirimusango, vamwe vanobata Tsuro vamwe mhembwe, vano taura semi munodzokera kumba ne maTamba, Otherwise dai muchito namatira Tawaz arimukati. But still still……Bla Julius muguy, Jowa muguy, Ex muguy,Bungu muguy, Libzie ndiye akasasa!!!!!!!

    • Mai Bona

      Kana tiri musango zvakurav kuti toita hugororo? MASANGO MATEMA ASI TOSE TIRKUSHANDA TICHIPUKUTA CHEMBERE!

      Humbavha hapan kwahunokusvtsai vakomana except mujeri!

      • Truth!!!!

        @ Mai Bona,Tika nyasto pinda deep deep nenyaya yenyu time time kuti mupukute chembera makatoita chitsotsi maybe kana pamapepa chaio, but you will never admit it, Hanti renyu sango ndere kupukuta chembere? Ravo ndere Matax's "everyone here akatombo enda pana Chitepo achidao VISA" saka kana wapiwa oto reshandisa heavy!!!!!

        • Mai Bona

          Zijaya! Hugororo Hakuna kwahunokusvitsa! Takauya kuno kuzoshanda, kwete kuzoba! Ngatigutsikanei nezvishoma zvatunazvo!

          • Truth

            Chigororo apa chi? vakauraya munhu here? vakango pinda musystem chete apa… Magweta anoita izvi mazuva ese mumasystem avo asi hamuvatuke, wani…..

          • mbava4life

            Mai Bona kutaura kunge vakakwirwa naJesu.. ndimi mahure akabva kuTereskane mukawuya ku diaspsora muchida mari! Now you hating on people that chose their path. Its obvious this aint for you. If you are content on meagre earnings thats just you.. others have bigger visions than you ever will have. Dont go on a moral high horse whilst hiding behind a keyboard

  • chochochooo

    all of you that are saying bad staff murimbuzi dzevhanu, in the bible it says "let he who hasnt sinned throw the first stone" are you telling me that all of you have never done wrong? kungoda kumhanyira kuita judge other people.

  • chochochooo

    all of you who are posting shit, why not show your real names if what you are claiming is true, why hide under the gauze of a fake name?

    • Anotida

      Iwe unonzi chochochoo how,you nt even clever enuf to make up a name..hahaha Idiot

      • chochochooo

        i know am not that clever, but those who a clever and can find ways to make money have made it…koiwe uripapi??? kungo kwangwaya nezara pauri ipapo. speak about my name, av u seen yours?lol, your a fucken joke

    • Boss P

      for real

  • Liberty matonhodze m

    But kana usina mota uchangobhadhara chete bhazi rekwa miles haukwiri ne nzungu muchamama chete nekuhater mo money bitches

  • Liberty matonhodze

    Libzy haangapone aitove ne benz futi gaya nyaya yacho ndiye akasasa gure rese

  • Rombe

    Imi vapfanha munongoti kushata!

  • the ridge west

    bring all the stolen treasure back home kwete kungoswero cleaner chembere.

  • Kuda zvinhu

    Nematambudziko guys. 1 of the 7 guys mentioned above anonzi Hlomera akashaika 3 days ago saka chimbomirai kutukana tiise munamato. RIP H

  • i sabhuku vhara zipi chaiyo


    i feel sorry for these guys coz they tried.. iunderstand thier situation and i would do the same wouldnt you coz if you leave the country peole expect you to come back with something ………. even me i am doing crime here in S.A………GOOD TRY GUY YOU INSPIRE ME

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  • Vuso

    What everyone seems to forget is that they were preying on poor black people. Tax rebates that are meant for them was taken by these guys. Because rich or many white people in the US generally file their taxes online like what I do.

  • HustleArdRudeboi

    Bigup this crime family this is what we all here for,fuk sittting on yo arses chatting shit dese man done der ting and i rate dis highly sent tings bek yard aswell bigup and all you haters sukyomuma i didnt giv a fk wot u will say im not replyin to yo bulshit dese man know wag1 fukouta here

  • Blaz wa blaz

    Sei muchitukana kana unechekutaure kutuka is nothing. Simple truth is ukatambira mugomo usashame kuona makudo.

  • Jae

    If u knw kuti u r a Zimbabwean nd u are styin' in anther Country,,,,uri Mhata yemunhu,,,,U will die workn' 4 sm1 else country yet your people are here,,,I dn't even care wat u poor idiot's say,,Kana wakapusa u r juss dmb,,,Every1 has 2 do wat thy do 2 survie,,iwe da reason why u left was 2 get Money,,saka dn't blme pple who are gttn' it,,isu tisiyi as Mbavha,,,asi we buyn' ma Bently's nd enjyn' life,,,who isn't stealn' ku America kwacho thy steal Oil,in China thy stole Copper from Zambia but now u hve a Problm wth pple gettin' Money,,,Imbwa dzevanhu all of U,,,if u knw kuti u in England gara ikoko,,nd wash a White man's ass 4 your life..

  • Neni

    I have always wanted to believe that we Zimbabweans are well mannered and God fearing. I am not even talking about the Marimbire brothers and crew. There is no need to call each other names, its just indecent and unexpected. Lets be respectful, then we make a difference in this world.

  • AbbyPlew

    I think that's the time where have these so-called tax fraud solicitors enters the picture because they are the ones who are going to help us out in finding out who are running away from paying their taxes.

  • Gonomatanda

    idiots… no exit strategy whatsoever! those big heads carry pea-size brains. they make every criminal ashamed…. nxaaa

  • Boss P

    Kusiri Kushanda Ndekupi, Inga Vamwe Vatinoziva Vakaba Wani Kumabasa, Boys Had Their Move Thats It. Its Unfortunate That It Went Pear Shape, Maniggaz Live On…


    kana ngoma yoririsa chasara kubvaruka nhai i hope they ddnt register all their assets in thier names nowing thy were stealing.the problem is bein greedy,all zimbos are dellas thts true all thy no is to find a way to make money no one is straight all have our hiden shit 60yrs gees and al assest gone zvakapressa

  • 7 Zimbabwe crooks’ proceeds of US$10m fraud uncovered | ZimDaily fiinsi yztdcfhzukg okylkyaujqg urwtdk shricxsidad dggihtkw

  • 7 Zimbabwe crooks’ proceeds of US$10m fraud uncovered | ZimDaily