Celebs’ on new year resolution

Celebs’ on new year resolution


ZIMBABWE – In a matter of hours, we bid farewell to the year 2015, making a crossover into the brand new 2016.

Like any other year, 2015 had its ups and downs but we remained firm and resolute as we anticipated a better 2016.

Our own celebrities, who have a strong influence in the public’s lives, have not been spared in this web and today, H-Metro carries some of their new year’s resolutions. Read on…


I think I have done almost everything expected of local artistes, music-wise.

After that dominance, I am looking forward to penetrating the international market for the good of my career.

I have since started applying for international festivals and networking with foreign artistes, promoters and festival organisers.

However, I hope I will meet some of the objectives I have set for myself in the second half of the year since the first quarter is usually slow on home soil.

I will only think of releasing a new album after the first quarter of 2016 but we won’t stop producing new songs at our studios.

On that note, I would like to thank fans for their loyalty; they have been on my side for the greater part of the year and I hope to continue giving them new stuff in 2016.


UNITY, Unity and more Unity among promoters is going to be my motto.

As promoters, we need to put our differences aside and unite for a better artistic Zimbabwe. We can only conquer the industry as a unit.


2016 is a year of keeping more focus on life and having thoughts for the next person.

I preach peace, love and harmony. I also want to solidify family ties.


To get a boyfriend.


2015 was a good year for me. I worked with Chipaz Promotions and Divine Assignments on big events that gave me exposure to meet Jamaican artistes.

I then joined 6 Fingers Records where I am now engaged. In the year 2016, I want to devout most of my time to events management.

My wish is to raise the Zimbabwe flag high on behalf of women in entertainment.

Music and events management remain my passion so 2016 belongs to 6 Fingers Records.

Big thanks to all Zimbabwean artistes and fans, without you there is no entertainment. Sando dzenyu.


For me, 2016 is a year of consolidation.

Business opportunities which availed themselves in the year 2015 need to be expanded. I have sets targets on my business ventures that need pure dedication and stewardship.

Spiritually, I need to focus more on strengthening my relationship with the Almighty.


It is going to be non-stop Dendera activity in music production and the setting up of Dendera Records (recording studio). We will continue giving you first grade dendera that your have been yearning for.


Thanks brother, my new year’s resolution is to work for the empowerment of women and the girl child through various campaigns.

1 Closer walk with God.  2. Release two movies and two series 3. Play high level golf 4. Spend maximum family time.


In the coming year I would like to spread wings and the word of God. The year will see opening of many centres around the country and even beyond borders.

There are already plans to spread the church by opening branches in Dema and Mhondoro while we make inroads to have centres in the SADC region.


Obviously keep pushing and working hard, but try to invest more in relationships rather than just my career, return calls and messages, visit relatives and connect more with my friends. It looks like a selfless 2016 for me.


In 2016, I would like to strive by all means that home seekers have conducive habitats.

I would like to uphold high levels of professionalism to enhance my work as a land developer.

I have to put all to God before I implement.


Ummm, pushing my new album Shinga so that more people get to hear it is one of my resolutions. I’m going to record a DVD by March 2016. Getting back into the gym to get shape and fit.


Musically, 2016 is my year. I will put new structures and management is place since I have clinched a lucrative deal with one of Harare’s prime spots for us to be a resident band.

I hope and pray I will also release my two reggae albums to meet my dream of releasing 20 albums.

I am in a steady relationship with Tee and if everything go according to plan, wedding bells will be ringing.

I simply want to thank the Rasta Kwasa fans for their support and loyalty. Tatakamirira nguva yaMwari, mirai muone toita basa. A new 100 percent reggae concept topfekawo saana Lucky Dube.


My resolution is to take some long vacation that I haven’t done in a while. Music wise, you will have noted that our latest album Labien @ 15 was recorded by some people who have left for diaspora.

I have since identified suitable replacements in the coming year so that the band (Bv Labien Musica) can offer what was o the recording without much compromise on live performances.

I am also working on two videos to promote my album.


Thanks brother, my new year’s resolution is to work for the empowerment of woman and the girl child through various campaign


I want to contribute for a cause – giving back to the society is the least we can do to make the world a better place to live in. Liven up my lifestyle through striking a balance between professional growth and personal life and bonding with the family.

ELVIS MOYO (FC Platinum defender)

To enjoy life more an help others learn something new. I want to achive more trophies.


To put a smile on many faces and introduce Mai shumba to the nation. Ndoita dhiri naChiyangwa ndopihwa stand ndivake nekutenga Fun Cargo. Chimboko on, on.


To release a ground-breaking album with tracks that cut through all ages and to magnify the sphere of influence.


New year, new life, new style …will work hard to feed my family.

McDee (Producer)

Trevor married is married; Takesure married; Sabastian Magacha married;  King Shaddy married; Goog child married; Russo married…Haa pakuda plan ….kkk

Jay C

As we are closing 2015 with the biggest passa passa entering 2016 on top of the game, I promise my fans an album laden with hits, spending more in the studio and also uplifting more new ghetto yutes as a way of creating employment. Big Yaadz is also a registered company involved in a variety of projects so our productions will not only be limited since we operate 24/7.

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