City woman took her husband to the civil court stating that she no longer wanted him to come to her house


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ZIMBABWE – Gladys Makoni told the court that she did not want Danfort Mapiko to continue coming to her house because he had married a second wife without her consent.

“This man moved out of our matrimonial home to stay with another woman and I have since accepted his decision to move out.

“The problem is he does not want to leave me alone because he comes at my house at unreasonable time, like very early in the morning or late in the evening.

“My prayer to the court is to grant me the protection order so that Danford stops coming to my house.”

In response, Denford said:

“Gladys and I are still married, I did not divorce her, and the only problem is she cannot stomach the fact that I married a second wife.

“The house which she wants to bar me from entering is actually our matrimonial home. If she bars me from entering that house where am I supposed to stay?”

Gladys who seemed not moved about Denford’s plea told the court that they had other residential stands.

“He can go and live at a residential stand we developed together with his new wife. I don’t want him at my house period.” She said.

Magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa who presided over the matter dismissed the application.

AN ACTURUS woman has been accused of chasing her husband out of their lodgings with just a pan, pot and blanket ordering him to get a life.

Precious Gunda chased her ex-lover Clifford Mupingayadyo out of their lodgings, accusing him of not being responsible enough to pay her bride price as they were cohabiting for undisclosed years.

This came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Precious was claiming US$325 maintenance for the upkeep of their children.

“Clifford never paid a bride price to my parents but we used to cohabit together.

“We have four children together, the other two are now married but he was never responsible for them.

“All he knows is to charge lobola money for his children as the father yet he was and is still irresponsible for their welfare.

“I raised his children alone as a farm worker in Acturus whilst he was busy enjoying his money as a driver.

“We then separated in 2008 after he began to have an extra marital affair.

“I am therefore seeking US$325 maintenance for the two minor children he left me with.

“This is because he does not contribute for the upkeep of our children up to date.

“He claims to be bringing grocery for the children yet it would be just 2kgs plain rice without soup or anything,” said Precious.

In response, Clifford said:

“Precious chased me out of our house that we stayed together because I had no money.

“This was after she began to have a love affair with a commuter omnibus driver.

“She threw me out of the house with just a pot, pan and a blanket and told me to get a life.

“I later on got a job and she started looking for me because I was earning something.

“It is hard for me to give a maintenance offer because right now I am no longer working.

“Anyway, since I have no other option, I will give her US$40 for the upkeep of our children.

“I am only surviving on piece jobs that make me realise US$5 a day.

“But she should consider that now I have another wife with a two-weeks-old baby though I haven’t paid her lobola yet.”

Magistrate Trevor Nyatsanza, who presided over the matter, ordered Clifford to pay US$55 maintenance per month effecting January 31.

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