Condemn injustices, anti-Mugabe pastor urges prophets


ZIMBABWE – Kariba based cleric and critic of President Robert Mugabe, Patrick Mugadza (45) has urged local prophets with greater influence among the masses to break their silence in the face of continued injustices under the veteran leader’s rule.

Mugadza, a pastor with the Remnant Church, was addressing journalists in Harare on Wednesday.

He said local prophets who command a large following in the country should use their space to condemn misrule.

“There is need for big prophets to stand up and speak against the ills of bad governance in the country. It will make a difference,” he said.

The defiant clergyman questioned the wisdom behind Zimbabwean workers’ reluctance to withdraw their services in the wake of a wage crisis which has seen government failing to pay them on time.

“That is the most amazing thing which Zimbabweans do. It is so shocking; they would rather find some other ways of surviving but still going to work,” he said.

“I have begun to realise that it’s not so much of their fault. The spirit of witchcraft which is circulating, which blinds people…fear, which makes people afraid. I strongly believe that. It is not a normal situation which we actually are in.

Mugadza said he was not afraid of suffering the fate of missing journalist-cum-activist Itai Dzamara, who was abducted by suspected state agents in March last year for staging almost similar protests against President Mugabe.

“I am not afraid because fear will never bring anything. And I strongly believe that we are where we are because of fear and if you allow fear to continue in us then that means we are going to have a big time problem,” he said.

“Whether Dzamara died or just disappeared, I would want to say he could have been a seed and if a seed is sown, it will always geminate and if in any way that happens to me, whether I disappear or I am killed, I am also going to be a seed. But I am telling you that many Dzamaras would be coming.

“People need to brave up and sacrifice just like what nationalist of this country, the president included did for our nation.”

The Gutu born pastor said he would prefer an interim government led by technocrats to be in place as opposed to President Mugabe’s continued leadership.

This he said was the best way the country could climb out of its current economic hole.

“I subscribe to a government led by technocrats which has proven to be the best the world over,” he said.

Pastor Mugadza last month staged a one man demonstration in Victoria Falls against President Mugabe’s dictatorial leadership, something which led to his incarceration for 18 days.

Authorities accused him of being a “criminal nuisance” during the near 92-year old leader’s visit to the resort town to preside over his Zanu PF party’s annual people’s conference.

His trial remains pending in the courts.


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