FIFA sees grim future for Zimbabwe football

FIFA sees grim future for Zimbabwe football


ZIMBABWE – A top Fifa official yesterday said removing Cuthbert Dube from the helm of Zifa was not the solution to the crisis facing Zimbabwean football as there were other challenges that prevented the world soccer governing body from supporting local football.

Speaking to journalists after councillors had voted Dube out of office, Member Associations head Primo Corvaro, said Zimbabwe will not be getting any financial assistance from the world football governing body due to past sins.

“Whoever is going to take over has to be strong. Zimbabwe will not be getting any financial assistance from Fifa and I can forsee football disappearing soon if you are not careful,” he said.

“It’s good you still have the domestic league which still has got a few sponsors.

“The reason why you guys will not be getting funds is simple, — your association has for the past years failed to provide to Fifa yearly audited reports and for such a case, we cannot continue giving you money.

“The new leadership has to quickly pay auditors so they can release the yearly reports, as well as settling some of your important debts which might affect your progress as a nation.”

Corvaro said the Confederation of African Football and Fifa were troubled by the way Zimbabwean football was being run.

“I am not saying the general assembly should not have removed Dube, no, but what I am saying is our issues are far beyond a leadership crisis,” he said.

Corvaro said there was no chance that Zimbabwe could be re-admitted into the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

Zimbabwe was axed from the competition for failing to settle a debt owed to former Warriors’ coach Valinhos.

Sports and Recreation minister Makhosini Hlongwane last week said that government would appeal against the country’s expulsion from the 2018 qualifiers.

“There is no chance that Zimbabwe can be re-admitted in that competition,” Corvaro said.

“Actually, there is a danger that you might be booted out of the 2022 World Cup if you guys fail to settle Tom Saintfiet’s outstanding debt.”

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