Grandmother complaints of grandson’s wife for abusing her

Grandmother complaints of grandson’s wife for abusing her


ZIMBABWE – A Norton woman has dragged her grandson’s wife to the civil court claiming that she abuses her physically and psychologically.

Gertrude Hweta told the court that she is suffering abuse in the hands of Don Fese.

Gertrude told the court that:

“Ever since my Granddaughter returned from South Africa, I have known no peace.

“She insults me and my grand children using vulgar language, she destroys my property and does not respect me.

“I suspect that she is into drugs because such behaviour cannot be done by a sober person.

“She has completely taken over my homestead, yet when my grandson married her they had nowhere to go so I had to take them in.

“I am seeking for protection order and I want this woman to leave my house,” she said.

Don was not present to give her own side of the story, so the presiding magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa granted the protection order but did not however grant that Don be evicted from Gertrude’s home since she was married to her grandson.

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