Moana’s Burial Dispute To Set A Legal Precedent


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HARARE – The continued protracted dispute over the burial of the late socialite, Michelle “Moana” Amuli is set to establish a legal precedent on how courts in Zimbabwe deal with the issue where relatives fail to agree on how to bury a dead family member as a result of religious differences.

Moana died in a car crash that also claimed the life of businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure on Sunday 8 November.

However, her burial is yet to be finalised as a dispute has emerged between her parents over how she should be buried.

Moana’s father, Ishmael Amuli

This dispute has developed into a legal battle.

The deceased’s father, Ishmael Amuli is pushing for a Muslim burial while the mother, Yolanda Kuvaoga wants a Christian based one.

Moana’s mother, Yolanda Kuvaoga with lawyers during adjournment

Justice Pisirai Kwenda is yet to make the final judgment on the matter after hearing the submission from both parties.

He highlighted that he needs more time before deciding on the issue since this was a rare case in the courts.

“The judgement is not yet ready. I need more time to consider the judgment. I will communicate with the lawyers when the ruling is done,” said Kwenda.

This was also confirmed by Mr Amuli’s lawyer, Arshiel Mugiye who said they are still waiting for the ruling which will be communicated to them once is ready.

“Unfortunately the judgement is not yet ready, so the judge explained that because the case is novel. No court has ever dealt with a dispute where a father and a mother are arguing as to how a child may be buried.

The fatal accident also resulted in the death of two foreigners, a Malawian businessman, Karim Limumba and Alisha Adams, a model from Mozambique.

The three were burnt beyond recognition when the car exploded.

Kadungure and the other two have already been buried.

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