Motorist knocked down mother and a child

Motorist knocked down mother and a child


ZIMBABWE – A motorist knocked down a minor at the zebra crossing point and offered cash to the mother along Jason Moyo Avenue on Monday.

The 4 year-old minor was left crying as her mother clashed with the motorist, Tonderai Chizema’s wife over informing police about the accident.

Chizema was driving a Mazda Familia registration (AAW 3772).

“Pindai mukati amai mupihwe mari yekunorapisa mwana tirikuda kuenda,” Chizema’s wife was heard saying while nursing her baby.

Onlookers intervened, asking the motorist to report the accident to police so that the minor could be rushed to hospital.

Chizema ignored the pedestrians and agreed with the minor’s mother to take the child to a nearest doctor at corner Jason Moyo Avenue and Chinhoyi Street.

However, as had been feared, they were denied medication without a police report.

The minor’s mother said her husband would make the final decision.

“I am not happy with this driver’s wife. She is saying they want to rush home and is ordering me to take money instead of them taking my child to hospital.

“I am waiting to hear from my husband before I accept the money the motorist is offering but that doctor refused to attend to us asking for a police report,” she said.

Chizema told H-Metro that he was in hurry and was not able to wait for cops.

“Wangu imbondisiya nditaurirane na amai ava. She is calling her husband to come so that I pay them and take the minor to hospital since they (doctor) refused to entertain us at the surgery because we had no police report,” said Chizema.

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