Mugabe insulted us by not showing up to read correct speech, Zimbabwe …

Mugabe insulted us by not showing up to read correct speech, Zimbabwe …


ZIMBABWE – “We expected him to issue an apology to parliament and the nation for reading the wrong speech – while to err is human, to fail to make an apology is inhuman. We were furious that he made the wrong speech in the first place, one we had heard before, word by word, comma by comma, and then he didn’t show up to read the right one.”

Following Tuesday’s mistake, MDC spokesman Obert Gutu said Mr Mugabe was “too old” and must “immediately tender his resignation” as the president of Zimbabwe.

“At the very advanced age of 91, it has been proven, beyond a shadow of doubt, that Mugabe is way past his prime in that he failed to recognise that he was delivering the wrong speech. This is a sure sign of senility and grossly failing mental and physical health.”

Similar accusations have been levelled at Mr Mugabe for atleast a decade.

Newsday, one of Zimbabwe’s privately owned daily newspapers, said that Mr Mugabe’s failure to notice he was reading the wrong speech during the opening of parliament was “evidence” that he and his Zanu PF government are out of touch with the people: “If ever anyone needed evidence that President Robert Mugabe and his government are clueless and out of touch with reality, yesterday’s opening of Parliament was the perfect example.”

Independent Zimbabwe has known no other leader but Mr Mugabe and many believe the president intends to stand for re-election in 2018 by when he would be 94.

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