Shingisai breaks down in admiration of Mugabe


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ZIMBABWE – PRESIDENT Mugabe last Thursday said God had charged him to serve Zimbabwe and pledged to carry on the “divine task” without backtracking.

Mugabe kisses Shingisai's daughter
Mugabe kisses Shingisai's daughter at his 89th Birthday celebration last Thursday

Mugabe made the remark at State House at a party to celebrate his 89th birthday organised by staff from his office President Mugabe turned 89 last thursday.

“In my small way, this is the task the Lord might have wanted me to fulfil among my people and as I carry the burden of fulfilling it, it being a divine task, I read it as a bidding of God. A commandment that this is how you serve your nation,” President Mugabe said.

He added: “The bidding says you move forward ever. Do not retrace when you are right. No backward movement when you are right. Your principles must be well defined. If they are those principles meant to enhance your people so they fit on the great neighbourhood, then there is no retreating. Principles become sacred.”

President Mugabe thanked God for reaching 89 years.

“It is He, our Creator, who is responsible for the fact that I am 89, and true when you get to that stage you cannot avoid thinking that yesterday when I was younger we were many. Some have dropped off. Where are they gone?

“The Lord has chosen that they go. The Lord has chosen that I remain. Why is it that all my friends are gone and my relatives are gone and I continue to linger on? It is not my choice. It is His choice. Painful choice. As you move from stage to stage, there is a kind of loneliness and solitude around you because of the loss of friends, loss of relatives and of very dear ones.

“You say to yourself that is life. That is how He who has made us, wants us to sustain life. He destroys here and constructs there. That is it, and we continue to live,” he said.

President Mugabe said God gives people life so that they fulfil objectives and enables them to make the most apt choices.

Mugabe's wife Grace cutting his 89th birthday cake last Thursday
Mugabe's wife Grace cutting his 89th birthday cake last Thursday

“And the choice that we make is that we shall live to serve others as indeed we serve ourselves, our nation and our country. The Lord wants us to be Zimbabweans in their own country with right of ownership over our own resources with abilities and capabilities to defend those rights against those who want to encroach on them,” he said.

President Mugabe thanked staff in his office, the security forces, the media and everyone who has been supportive of his leadership.

To staff in his office, he said: “Let us continue to be that united. If you are not united as the engine, we make all kind of disjointed noises and the engine will not be able to pull. We should be able to pull, pull and pull ourselves so that we pull the nation. It is a joy to work with you, to work with people with confidence in you,” he said.

President Mugabe applauded the intelligence and security services for performing “a wonderful work” in exposing activities of the enemy and taking the necessary preventive measures.

Chief Secretary to the Presidency and Cabinet Dr Misheck Sibanda, speaking on behalf of staff in the President’s Office, said they were honoured to be among a few Zimbabweans to work with President Mugabe.

“We continue to draw inspiration from your enduring legacy,” he said.

Staff in the President’s Office showered the Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces with gifts. Reserve Bank Governor Dr Gideon Gono has given President Mugabe 89 cows as gifts to mark his birthday. Dr Gono had pledged to give President Mugabe a beast on each of his brithdays, the President noted.

The celebrations saw distinguished singer Shingisai Suluma serenading the First Family and guests with gospel songs.

Her performance yesterday followed a special request by President Mugabe during celebrations to mark his birthday in Mutare last year that Mai Suluma play him the song Munongondichengeta (nanhasi).

While Mai Suluma remained in Zimbabwe after the Christmas Holidays, his husband and family flew into the country from theUS on Tuesday night for the celebrations.

President Mugabe praised Mai Suluma and her band for the highly spiritual songs.

“Shungu yakabuda kwaMutare yekuti vandiimbire rwumbo urworwo rwokuti mwari anondichengeta. Tinotenda nokuti anotichengeta kana paripapi urimwana wake achikuda panotsvedza, panotyisa, pangave pane mhepo inovhuvhuta zvakadii ichitora vamwe inokusiya. Dzimbo dzavo dzakadzama. Matendero haasi okungo pfugama uchiti baba vedu varikudenga tinokutendai. Ivo vanechipo chokuti zvibve zvatapira zvikurukuru,” President Mugabe said.

He said it was a rare calibre of musicians in the mould of Mai Suluma.

“Mazwi avanawo orutendo kunamwari abva apinda mumoyo medu ngatianzwisise. Rudo rwavo ndinorutenda zvikurukuru. Ndinoti kwavari chokwadi mandiitavo kuti ndive mumwe wenyu.

“I want to express my very deep and most sincere gratitude for the message that she has relayed through her well composed songs. Four of them one after another all carrying that spiritual message that it is he our creator who is responsible for the fact that I am 89,” President Mugabe said.

Mai Suluma said she was honoured to be invited to perform at the special occasion.

Meanwhile, President Mugabe had earlier met Bishops of the Inter-Regional Meeting of Catholic Bishops of Southern Africa at State House.

The President briefed the bishops from Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Sao Tome and Principe, Swaziland and South Africa on political developments in Zimbabwe from the 2008 harmonised elections, formation of the inclusive Government and the Constitution-making process.

He told the bishops the political situation in Zimbabwe was calm guaranteeing the holding of peaceful elections this year.

Speaking through Archbishop Liborius Nashenda of Namibia, the bishops commended President Mugabe for taking a stand against political violence.

They said the church was ready to co-operate with other concerned citizens in stopping intimidation of voters.

The bishops noted that the  sanctions were harmful to Zimbabwe and must be removed.

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  1. It's not a surprise Suluma has always been in the ZANU pf train. She used to be in the CIO offices every Friday. I wonder why the US are keeping her. Last week she was praising the killer and she goes back to the US to spy on Zimbabweans there

  2. Shingisai wakaita basa nekuzadzkisa chishuwo chaPresident Mugabe. Zviri nani kuti mwana ambundirwe nemunhu anehunhu pane kusiyira mwana wenyu mai Suluma ayina Tsvangirai. Anobatwa chibaro

    • Garinya, there is no running away, nemumvura nemumvura tinewe chete. We know what you had for dinner nhasi, beware Big Brother is watching if you don't behave we will strike.

  3. Leaders comes from God and Mugabe is no exception.Wakaita bho Shingie nekuimbira baba ve Zimbabwe.siyana nevana venochani varikuda kukukwatisa.Fear not

  4. Leaders comes from God and Mugabe is no exception.Wakaita bho Shingie nekuimbira baba ve Zimbabwe.siyana nevana vengochani varikuda kukukwatisa.Fear not

  5. well well shoko rinoparidzirwa kana mhondi, richikurudzira vatsvene, but the head line does not do Shingisai any good..did she say she admires Mugabe..if she does, please elaborate..

  6. thwt she only cried , if she admires well its not wrong she is a lady and has freedom of association as enshrined in both new and old constitution.

  7. Great old man. Thanks Shingisai, you are equally great my mother. You are gifted, you are blessed, keep respecting your leaders.

  8. Congratulation his majesty President Robert Mugabe for turning 89. May God give you many more years. You are a blessing. Zimbabwe is peaceful because of you and those faithful leaders around you. They deserve a bonus or a treat of some kind. There are very few head of states who mention and appreciate God. President/King Robert Mugabe, an evangelist, is unique. Long live king Robert Mugabe. May God bless you together with your queen Grace, and not forgetting your children. May God continue increase your wisdom and knowledge. I wish for a moment I will shake hands with his majesty, King Robert Mugabe. That is my prayer. Long live President. Ndine mudzukulu wanu.

  9. Tinotenda ishe nekupa mutungamiri wedu mukana. VaMugabe murichidadiso kumaZimbabwe anoda nyika ,kodzero ,kuzvishandira.Ndineurombo munovengerwa kutiratidza mbavha';mahure.Vanoda kutengesa nyika pasi navo maelection ZANU PF takahwina 100%.

    The word justice refers to being right and fair. And thus this is the most appropriate word to use in discussing legality concerning the cliff hanging issue of ‘THE ZIMBABWE LAND ISSUE’. The other word(s) which cannot be avoided is/are the term(s) ‘adverse occupation’ and ‘adverse possession’. It is embodied in the history books that in the late 1800 ,the English white settlers arrived in Zimbabwe .Upon their arrival they used force to take over the land which was occupied by the indigenous black Zimbabweans. They displaced them. This form of occupation is what is called in legal terms ‘adverse occupation’. Of course, some land was not occupied in some areas in Zimbabwe, but was reserved for hunting and grazing .This means that even though the land in question was not occupied by anyone, it still belonged to another in terms of law as it was given to the people by their chief. The settlers settled on some of such lands .This amounted to ‘adverse possession’ as the land belonged to another but the other had shown by action an intention to occupy. The occupation of the whole country and the establishment of British government for governance purposes by then came to be called colonisation. This occupation by the English was derived from their policy of ‘territorial aggrandizement’. The same policy was pursued by the Dutch in South Africa.
    THE ONLY REASONABLE, JUST AND FAIR SOLUTION .The ZIMBABWE white farmers have a premafacie case against England. That means legal wise they have a good cause to instigate civil legal proceedings against the Government of England for the land which was redeemed by the black Zimbabweans. This means that they can claim compensation for the land redeemed. More important, is that there is written evidence from the England government which states it clearly that she was going to pay compensation to the Zimbabwe white farmers. The late Baroness Thatcher was the English signatory by the time the agreement was entered into, between Zimbabwe and her country (fact).Since the agreement is enshrined in authentic government documents, the Zimbabwe white farmers can use that as their legal premise to pursue their case successfully in any competent court. They can file their case in any jurisdiction in the world. At the moment England is being run by David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clerg.The gentlemen in question seem to be very intelligent and rational in the way they handle foreign issues. They delegated a very intelligent foreign policy minister [Mr Hague].The farmers need to make a submission of their former farms including their current value. This will help them to get good compensation. They can begin by using the Alternative Dispute Resolution {ADR }.If the negotiations do not yield any dividends ,then they can pursue their case in the English courts or in any jurisdiction of their choice .Once they exhaust all avenues in the English courts ,then they can take it to the Human Rights Court. The Zimbabwe white farmers need to appoint a mediator. This can be protracted legal battle, but there is a possibility of them getting their desired compensation.
    I hope that my suggestion will be considered by those affected. I am only trying to be a brother’s keeper since the affected people are Africans like me. Let no one misconstrue my suggestion ,for i did not write it to favour any party in this case nor with a prejudiced mind. I am being impartial in this case. This is only, but the truth ,the whole truth in the eyes of international law and in the eyes of any reasonable person.
    BY NJABULO[opinion is free]

    The Zimbabwe elections at a glance; Why did MDC T lose the elections?.
    It is not a reasonable and best option to take to the streets. We have seen what that course of action yields. Egypt is a good epitome of this and other countries that followed suit. We do not want people to die for nothing(sanctity of life). That is a stupid and perilous advice to the nation. The only option is to take the issue to court if any party is not content with the outcome of the elections .Now you tell me what is going to happen to the people if there is mayhem in Zimbabwe? I think the person who is for this idea should start himself or herself. We do not want anyone to die for nothing. It is important that people value life. If you incite people to engage in such dangerous activities, then the person inciting them should be able to face the law if anyone dies. Every life is important9sanctity of life). It is foreseeable to any man with a sound mind that such action would yield nothing but only death, destruction of property(criminal damage) and other heinous crimes. So, should a peaceful people of Zimbabwe engage in such a course of action?. Let us be reasonable. This is like putting suicide bombs on children of others to go and die yet you leave yours to live. A very cynical idea indeed.
    Why did MDC T lose the elections?.(contributory negligence)
    When MDC was formed or launched, there was harmony and solidarity in their political party. Then they started to fight each other.MDC became polarised. By doing this they betrayed the trust of their followers. Those were the first signs that indicated that its leadership had failed to live up to its expectations and promises that it made to its followers. What happened next? MDC lost a lot of its supporters. What happened next? They lost the elections to ZANU PF. What happened next? They blamed ZANU PF for rigging the elections. What happened next? There were further divisions in the MDC Party .Their party was dichotomised .Thus we have MDC T and MDC N. What happened next? Their party lost a lot of supporters. What happened next? ZAPU PF and other political parties were formed .What happened due to this ?MDC T and MDC N had to share their supporters with these new political parties. A lot of people that used to identify or were politically affiliated to the old ZAPU PF of father Zimbabwe which merged with ZANU PF to form a Unity Party ,reverted to CDE Dumiso Dabengwa’s ZAPU PF PARTY. What happened next? The people of Zimbabwe were/are confused as to which political party to follow. What happened next? They joined ZANU PF. In particular the rural folk. Most of the urbanities chose to join any of the ZANU PF opposition parties. Others reverted to ZANU PF. What happened then ? ZANU PF gained a political mileage. What was the other causes for ZANU PF to gain strength? It is because of the land issue. A lot of people in the urban areas are ambivalent when it comes to the land issue. By dint of analogy , it appears that MDC T did not explain properly its intentions or policy of the land .That is giving a good answer as to what they were going to do .Again, the idea of reversing the indigenisation policy instituted by ZANU PF ,is one major factor that put a dent to MDC T and MDC N. So if you are a prudent person ,please ponder over the above facts .You will come to conclude that the allegations of vote rigging are nothing but malicious. You will come to conclude that, MDC is the author of its problems in this case. In fact any reasonable person should be blaming both MDC Parties for betraying them.(note that i am impartial in this).
    It is the right of every citizen of Zimbabwe to express their political ideas. Thus it would be more ideal to make a new beginning in MDC T .For example ,when the Labour Party in lost the elections in Britain ,to the Conservative ,they changed their leadership. In USA ,Obama was chosen as a candidate in order to win the elections against their opponents. If MDC is to win ,then it too must employ the same strategy. That is choose a new candidate .The then leaders are to relinquish their positions in the next elections. This does not mean i am undermining the ability of the then MDC T President. But the truth is that the man at the helm of each political party in any state matters most. We have seen what happened to the short lived government of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. We have also seen what happened and what is obtaining in various states in the world were similar political dilemmas exist. There is nothing new or wrong in bringing in new faces and new ideas .
    NB;I am very sorry if my opinion hurts anyone. I am impartial and apolitical. So do not misconstrue me as taking any side with any political party. This is reality.
    BY NJABULO [my opinion ,no favour]

  12. Njabulo, the land reform is over and done with. Most whites have left, emigrated elsewhere in the world, and are never to return. They will have memories but no tears. Now it's time for Zimbabwe to get over it and get on with it. Good luck in finding decency and trust with anybody in business or anything. Maybe the Chinese will bless you with their kindness.

  13. Anyboby wise and intelligent will appreciate Mr Mugabe's intelligence and abilities. After a long research and information gathering I can not help but to see Mugabe's point. Anyone other than Tsvangirayi will do. He is rather dull for Presidence .I am between a hard place and a rock. Reason being My President need to retire because of age. let the young intelligent Zimbabweans take over while you can still groom them. While we wait, for the moment I will have to clinge my fist.


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