Two Mbare men fined for destroying snooker table shade

Two Mbare men fined for destroying snooker table shade


ZIMBABWE – Two Mbare men have been fined $US17.50 for destroying a shade house protecting a snooker table.

Tineyi Anderson and Givemore Nyamundanda pleaded not guilty when they appeared before Mbare magistrate Reward Kwenda charged with malicious damage to property.

The two were found guilty and were sentenced two months 10 days; two months were suspended for 5 years and 10 days were suspended for restitution to compensating a sum of US$17.50 from both of them.

The state led by Liberty Gono proved that November 10 around 8pm Nyamundanda and Anderson had a misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding they had led to a fight and in the heat of the fight both of them fell and destroyed a shed belonging to Orthwet Muwani, 36, worth US$35.

Muwani was around when the incident took place and when he tried to talk to Anderson and Nyamundanda about how they would compensate him but they denied destroying his shade.

Muwani then lodged a complaint with the police leading to Nyamundanda and Anderson’s arrest.

During trial Muwani confessed the snooker table sheltered by the shade Mundanda and Anderson destroyed was his source of income so he had to head to court for justice.

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