Women in front of megistrate complaining her in laws not giving share from husband’s property

Women in front of megistrate complaining her in laws not giving share from husband’s property


ZIMBABWE – A Kuwadzana woman dragged her sister in law to court alleging that she slapped her over her late father’s house.

Stella Chari, 42, told the court that her sister in law Marvelous Chitunhu, 33, had disregarded her in her father’s house.

She also told the court that Chitunhu assaulted her when she was talking to her brother about sharing the rooms of the house since they were having issues paying the bills.

However Chitunhu denied the allegations when she appeared before Mbare magistrate Stanford Mambanje.

She told the court that, her in laws had issues with her and that they are trying to get rid of her.

During the trial she asked the complainant why they had not brought food for her in jail.

“Why didn’t you bring me food to eat if you really care about my well being as you claim?

“ You see your honour these people hate me they are fabricating these charges they just want me to get out of the picture so that they can take over my husband’s house that she inherited form his parents”, she said.

She was remanded to tomorrow for trial continuation.

The State, led by Percy Mugauri alleges that on November 3 at around 7 pm Chari went to her family home in Kuwadzana where Chitunhu resides with her husband.

When Chari got there she discussed how they could solve the bills issue and they decided to share rooms and to use the money from tenants to pay the bills.

This did not go down well with Chitunhu who was in another room and she allegedly went into the room charging and slapped her sister in law several times on the face.

Luckily, Chari did not sustain any injuries.

Chari then lodged a complaint with the police leading to Chitunhu’s arrest.

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