Harare women seek protection from court for her former lover

Harare women seek protection from court for her former lover


ZIMBABWE – A city woman approached the Harare civil court seeking for a protection order for her former lover.

Heather Shewana who used to reside with her former lover Esau Tobias told the court that the latter was denying to accept that their relationship had ended.

She wanted the court to bar Esau from visiting her home and pleaded that it will help her by informing him that she no longer wanted him.

“I want the court to tell this man that I no longer need him in my life. Our relationship ended but he is failing to accept that.

“We used to stay together from 2013 until I moved out in September.

“He was now abusing me and I later discovered that he was now having another lover.

“Let the court bar him from visiting my parents’ place where I’m now residing.

“He is coming and causing unnecessary drama shouting my name and banging the gate.

“I do not want him to come anywhere near me since I do not need him anymore,” she said.

In response Esau denied the allegations and accused heather of living with his belongings.

“The claims that I’m not accepting that our relationship has to end are not true.

“She is refusing to hand over my property she took herself with when she left.

“I went to her place of residents demanding my property and she did not open the gate for me and that is when I started calling her name.

“I never shouted she is lying. I want her to tell the court the reasons she left me, she is aware of her deeds.

“Granting her a protection order I won’t be able to demand my things that she has,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Marehwanazvo Gofa granted the protection order in Heather’s favour.

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